25 Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts / Barbie Christmas Ideas

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Everyone loves Christmas! Even dolls. And for your beloved Barbie to have a happy holiday, you, of course, must make a couple of Christmas gifts!

Supplies and tools:
• Old bracelet
• Different beads
• Bead caps
• Hot glue gun
• Artificial snow
• Sticker rhinestones
• Red woolen thread, green embroidery threads
• Bouncy ball
• Cork cap
• Gold wired ribbon
• Gold and silver bows for decoration
• Red and brown felt
• White pencil
• Scissors
• Faux fur
• Velcro
• Pompoms
• Black and pink foam paper
• Pipe cleaner
• Blue, red velour and satin ribbons
• Cake candles
• Plastic box
• Fabric
• Needle and thread
• A pair of old socks
• Clear and colored hair ties
• Polyester fiber filling
• Eraser
• Silver and regular corrugated cardboard
• White and pink acrylic liner
• Light clay
• Modeling tool
• Two old teddy beard
• Lobster clasp and jump rings
• Artificial spruce tree branches
• Different shades of acrylic paint and a brush
• Wooden coffee stirrers
• Wooden ruler
• Cords
• Plastic bottle ring
• Old gloves
• Empty perfume sample and a suitable cap
• Faux leather
• Piece of plastic
• Bright stickers
• Clear folder

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