Holidays are coming and it’s time to improve and develop your creative skills. As it’s time to decorate your home and to choose gifts or to create by yourself. Let’s explore new decoration designs and ideas together and make Christmas as festive as possible! We are here to inspire you and prepared a lot of ideas how to handmade Christmas ornaments, how to decorate the Christmas table and to create winter accessories.
Let’s start the most important thing that gives us a holiday feel – ornaments and home decorations. You can make amazing decorations using such simple things as paper, nail polish, light bulbs, pool noodles, and pasta!
Instead of buying a new garland make your own! You can make a DIY garland from bow tie pasta, and it’s an extra easy and fun project you can make with your kids! You will need farfalle pasta, yarn, and glitters! Boil pasta for 10 seconds and thread it. Cover with glitters. Have fun!
Another cool idea how to make cure ornaments by repurposing old bulbs! Cover a bulb with PVA glue using a paint brush. While the glue is still wet sprinkle some colorful glitter on top. And cover with hairspray to avoid glitter falling out.
Next cool idea is to make crayon drip ornaments! You will need clear glass ornament, crayons, and a hairdryer. Break off small pieces of crayons and put in the ornament. Use your hair dryer set on high, blast the heat on the ornament. Melt crayons and shake until you like the look of ornament. Voila! Now your Christmas tree will look really creative!
Did you know that you can transform old wired hanger into Christmas wreath? Check out full tutorial in our video!
Check out more decoration ideas that require a minimum amount of inexpensive supplies: 3D paper snowflakes, polymer Santa, yarn crafts and Christmas tree made from cinnamon!

00:38 Reuse lightbulbs
00:59 Crayon drip ornaments
02:04 Adorable paper garland
09:11 Polymer clay Santa
11:26 Christmas Dinner Tree-shaped tablecloths
13:34 Ninja Turtle Ornaments

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