Christmas Crafts: DIY Hot Glue Snowflakes

Christmas Crafts: DIY Hot Glue Snowflakes

Christmas in Germany is a month of joy, which begins with the beginning of Advent four Sundays before Christmas Eve. Germans prepare for Christmas by baking, giving gifts, and decorating. Some evenings are reserved especially for baking delicacies such as gingerbread with egg-white icing, stollen, and spice cake. Glühwein (warm wine with red wine, lemons, cloves, and cinnamon) or Feuerzangenbowle (warm wine with ginger, oranges, brown rum, and a bag of sugar that burns until the sugar melts) are often served on cooking evenings but are also enjoyed on cold evenings.

Children begin the holidays by opening the first flap of their Advent calendar, which counts down the four weeks until Christmas. Each flap opens to reveal a piece of chocolate shaped like special Christmas symbols such as an angel or a bell. Some families put an Advent wreath with candles in the center on the same day. Every Sunday before Christmas, families light a candle and gather around the wreath to sing Christmas carols. The children leave their shoes on December 5th, St. Nicholas’ Day, hoping to find presents the next morning. Good children receive small gifts, fruit, nuts, and chocolate, while naughty children receive a stick.

Some afternoons are spent in the city center, where large markets are set up, decorated, and filled with craft vendors. On their walk, people can enjoy a good meal with fried fish (fish fried in fresh bread), grilled sausages, and a cup of hot wine. The stalls offer toys, gifts, and marzipan sweets in the form of fruit, Christmas symbols, and animals. In some markets, there are also mangers that can be seen, as well as musicians and dancers.

The tradition of the decorated Christmas tree probably has its origin in Germany. Christmas trees are decorated with fairy lights or real candles, homemade cookies, apples, nuts, special decorations passed down from generation to generation, tinsel, and chocolates. Some families choose to have more than one Christmas tree, while other families keep the tree and gifts in one room. This room opens at midnight on Christmas Eve, to the delight of the children, who see the bright and sparkling tree and, for the first time, the gifts underneath.

The white Advent candle is lit on Christmas Day. Families spend the day together, visit the church, and enjoy Christmas dinner. A traditional German Christmas meal usually consists of roast goose, a dish that originated in Britain in the early 1600s. Carp is another popular Christmas dish, as is potato salad with wine. Side dishes include red cabbage, French fries, and kale. A dessert is an anticipated event, where you can enjoy German specialties such as Christstollen, marzipan cake, and rum balls.

In this video, I’ll show you how to make DIY hot glue snowflakes.

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