Christmas Crafts for Kids | Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas

Christmas Crafts for Kids | Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas

OH, NO! It’s that time of year again. Christmas party! The kids are home and the weather outside is terrible. What are we going to do? I’m listening. I’m a father of two and I work at home. Usually, Christmas vacation is a time when I have nothing to do unless I put the kids in front of a chest tube all day. How bad does that make me a parent? Last year I tried a new game plan that worked perfectly, got the kids excited about simple arts and crafts for the Christmas season.

I found some “Simple Christmas Crafts” for my 5-year-old daughter. I turned my breakfast table into a craft station, helped her make some of the “Christmas Crafts of the Day” to get her started, and then had her make 20-30. We only made very basic Christmas crafts that a 5-year-old could do easily and inexpensively. We made Christmas tree decorations, which were actually little Christmas trees made with 1 giant popsicle stick, 5 or 6 little ones, some sequins, glue, glitter and pipe cleaners. Too cool. We also made poinsettia decorations with just clothes pegs, a coffee filter, a foamy pipe cleaner, some glue, and red watercolor. As a reward, a few days before Christmas, I gave them a little tree to decorate with their homemade ornaments, the ones leftover after most of them were given away. We had an explosion and I did some work.

It worked for my Sunday school class, too. I teach a class of about 20-25 kids between the ages of 2 and 5, and they also really liked these simple Christmas crafts, probably even more so because they were proud to give them to their parents after class. Try it this year, be creative, and let your children be creative. They will be rewarded for their efforts, and you will be rewarded with a few P&Qs, not to mention a great time with the kids.

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