Christmas DIY! 5 Minute Crafts & Life Hacks For Christmas

Christmas DIY! 5 Minute Crafts & Life Hacks For Christmas

The Christmas season is the ideal opportunity to give free rein to your artistic ideas and satisfy your creative desires. At Christmas, we decorate our homes with candles, lights, wallpaper, streamers, Christmas trees, etc. We also make different kinds of gifts for our loved ones and neighbors. Instead of buying wallpaper, Christmas tree decorations, greeting cards, and gift bags, you can prepare them yourself at home. You can also involve your children in Christmas art, as it is one of the best ways to keep them busy at home during the holidays.

Popular forms of Christmas art

If you have a creative talent, you should consider trying the Christmas art forms listed below.

Reindeer Ornament

To prepare the reindeer jewelry, you will need the following items:

A one-quarter sheet of light brown boat foam

8-inch tape

2 golden and shiny chenille sticks

2 trembling eyes (medium size)

1 red glitter pomp

Hot glue


Method: Cut two pieces of the ship’s foam into teardrops to form the reindeer’s head. Form a small oval from the foam and cut it lengthwise in equal halves to form the ears. Bend and twist the chenille sticks to form the antlers. Glue the ears and antlers to the top of the round end of a teardrop with hot glue. Fold the tape and glue its open ends between the two antlers to form the hanger. To form the back of the reindeer head, glue the second teardrop shape to the back of the first teardrop shape. Place the wavy eyes with glue. Glue the pompom to the pointed end of the tear to form the red nose and your “Rudolph” is ready to be hung from the Christmas tree.

Hair clip

If you’re a teenager, you can easily make your mother happy by giving one of her old, beat-up hair clips a new look. You will need the following items:

Old hair clip

Brightly colored nail polish

Nail polish with glitter

Small decorative bulbs with a hole

Fishing line


Method: Apply the light-colored nail polish to your mother’s rickety hair clip. You can also choose more than one color. Allow the nail polish to dry and then use the glossy nail polish to make the tweezers more attractive. Leave the glossy nail polish aside and let it dry. Thread small light bulbs into a piece of fishing line and run the line through the hole at the end of the clip. Tie the line at the ends and a new hair clip for your mother is ready.

With the right dedication, you can easily make your efforts to prepare the artwork for Christmas a great success. The handmade decorations and gift items not only do justice to the creative artist in you but also help you live a frugal Christmas.

Christmas DIY! 5 Minute Crafts & Life Hacks For Christmas
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