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Learn how to make Christmas Pop-Up Card with Baby Shark 🎁🎶

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★ Lyrics

“Hey, guys! Look!
There’s Rudolph!”
“Is he really going to
participate in the race?”
“Look at his funny nose!”
“It’s like it is on fire!”
“So red!”

A red-nosed reindeer.
Other reindeer laugh at me.

“I wish I could be
friends with others.
Why was I born with this
funny red nose?”
“Oh, poor Rudolph.
But I think your shiny red nose
is so beautiful.”
“Of course!
Your nose has a power
to help everyone
by lighting up the road!
If you take first place
in this race,
your friends will all love you.”
I will do my best!”

“Now the race will begin!
Everyone get ready,
“Go! Go! Come on!”
“Oh! Watch out!”
“I’m the winner!”
“Wow! Thanks to your shiny nose,
we finished the race
without any accidents!”
“It was so cool!”
“We really need you
to guide our sleigh!”
“Ok, thank you!”
“Good job, Rudolph!
Won’t you guide
my sleigh tonight?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Are you guys ready?”

Run and run!
Run and run!
My dear friend, Rudolph

“A Christmas present!”

Run faster than an airplane.
My wonderful friend, Rudolph!
My wonderful friend,

“We love you, Rudolph!”

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