DIY Christmas Decor! Easy Fast DIY Christmas Ideas!

DIY Christmas Decor! Easy Fast DIY Christmas Ideas!

One craft trend that is on everyone’s lips is green craftsmanship. Not the color, but the ecological form. They are cheap, fun, and teach children to be creative when they are reused and recycled. Making green arts and crafts are great because kids learn to be environmentally friendly and help the environment. Green arts and crafts are cheap to make because you probably already have all the materials. Green crafts also give kids a chance to live out their creative spirit – instead of using pre-made craft kits.

There are many everyday items you have in the house: cardboard boxes, plastic food containers, toilet paper rolls, and paper towels; empty glass jars; old Christmas and greeting cards, plastic and paper bags; paper or styrofoam plates; egg cartons; old Tupperware; wooden spoons, scraps of material or used clothing, buttons, ribbons, used wrapping paper, etc.

Crafts can always be complemented with some gifts from Mother Nature, such as leaves, sticks, sand, stones, flowers, pineapples, etc.

Keep a large box in the basement or garage and put objects in it that can be used for arts and crafts. Let your children and their friends make their own crafts from recycled materials on a rainy day. They may need some extra things like glue, paint, scissors, staples, etc. They will probably be surprised at your creativity.

Some ideas for making things are Masks, costumes, decorations, treasure chests, dolls, scrapbooks, name tags (gift tags); jewelry; book covers, etc. For example, plastic containers with lids can be decorated with old wrapping paper, cards, buttons, shells, etc. to make a souvenir box. Children can make Christmas gift boxes out of old aluminum food containers, some glitter, Christmas card cutouts, colored beads, etc.

It is important to teach children to be green. When they make a fun craft or a game with old objects, they see things in a new light. In a world of commercialism, children often appreciate simpler activities in which they have to use their imagination.

DIY Christmas Decor! Easy Fast DIY Christmas Ideas!! Today I have my Christmas DIY decor video for you. I have 3 cute room decor ideas for Christmas!

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