DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decor 2017

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Decor 2017

Craftsmen are able to develop ideas of craftsmanship from objects that many people would consider rubbish! Craft ideas can be found in baby food jars, paper bags, shoe boxes, CDs, and egg cartons, among other things, that are easy to find in the home. If you develop craft ideas from the things you have at home, you save money on craft shop purchases and help the environment by recycling.

Shoe boxes are to blame for many craft ideas! You can make dioramas, dollhouses, and guitar boxes. Shoebox craft ideas are practically infinite, limited only by your imagination. You can also use shoeboxes for more traditional purposes and make decorative storage boxes for your favorite things, moments, or other items.

CDs are also great items to promote art and craft ideas. They are perfectly round and shine with a wonderful glow when the light hits them. The small hole in the middle is perfect for pulling strings or chains to create hanging crafts. Ideas include Christmas decorations, candlesticks, dream catchers, photo frames, clocks, and magnets. Start with a CD you don’t need (like the ones you get in the mail from advertisers, or a CD that has too many scratches to work properly) and see how many craft ideas the little shiny circle can create!

Thirty-five-millimeter clear film cans can generate many craft ideas. With a small cardboard mirror (available at the craft store), adhesive film, and cake sprinkles, you can create a miniature kaleidoscope. Punch a small hole in the bottom of the film container. Fold the cardboard of the mirror into a triangle that fits into the container and tape it. Place several sprinkles of cake on the lid of the container and cover it with a piece of plastic paper, which is fixed with adhesive tape. Replace the lid of the container. If you look through the hole in the bottom of the container and turn the film container in your hand, the splashes will form shapes against the mirror kaleidoscope. How about that for unique craft ideas!

Craft ideas can come from anywhere. You can recycle your empty gelatin jars and create beach scenes in a jar, a time capsule, or a candlestick.

Ordinary household items often give rise to many craft ideas – just think outside the box and you’ll be surprised how many craft ideas you come up with!

This year my home is decorated for the holidays with full Dollar Tree Christmas Decor! I love making DIY Dollar Tree Christmas decorations and everything including my tree, wreath and centerpiece were Dollar Store DIYS!

Watch how I decorated my mantel and wreath using Dollar Store Christmas Decor:

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