Dollar Tree Christmas DIY – 💕 Glam SnowWoman w/LED Lighting 💕

Dollar Tree Christmas DIY –  Glam SnowWoman w/LED Lighting 

Craftsmanship is a tool that offers you unlimited creativity, patience, skills, and a lot of fun. Often people do not know or feel ignorant about how to make something decorative, creative, and beautiful, so there are several craft books that can guide you in making a particular craft.

If it is the long-awaited Christmas season and you want to send some nice Christmas cards to your friends and family, you can buy an expensive card at the market and paint a Christmas card at home that also has a personal touch.

To make a painted Christmas card, you need a white card in white, green acrylic paint, golden liquid markers, paint with golden glitter, paint with silver glitter, calligraphy pen, black calligraphy ink, red calligraphy ink, water, paper towel, yellow markers, grey markers, paint with red glitter, paint with green glitter.

Steps to create a painted Christmas card:

First, mix enough water with a small amount of green acrylic paint to form a thin layer and mix well.

Dip your brush in the water and paint the front of the card with straight strokes. You should cover the card with the wash as soon as possible so that your brush strokes are not visible and the card gets an even layer of the resulting wash. After finishing the wash, you should completely clean the excess wash from the front of the card. Allow your card to dry, then place a new paper towel on the card and put a heavy book on top of the card to dry flat. This is necessary to make it flat before you draw your design.

Draw your design lightly with a pencil on the front of the card and then draw a thin line on which you can write your own words.

When you are satisfied with your design, assign colors to each part and draw on them using markers of your chosen colors. These colors should match the colors that will later be used in the parts of the design.

Draw over the fine lines you drew for the words with the liquid gold marker. Allow it to dry, then test it by pressing a piece of paper over the line and carefully lifting it up to check that it is dry.

Use the red calligraphy pen to write the words “Merry Christmas” on the gold line you have created. Practice on another piece of paper if you think it’s necessary. You can also cover your words with a small piece of paper to stain them while you continue to decorate your card.

You can trace the design with bright paint and then use the fine tip of the bottle or pen to trace the parts of the design in their respective colors such as yellow-gold, silver-silver, red-red, green-green. To spread the paint thinner more than the lines created by the bottle tips or the pens you use, simply smear it with a toothpick.

Then change the color of the pen from calligraphy to black and write a message on the card as well. Practice this on a separate sheet of paper, then place a paper towel over the ink that is going to fade so that it doesn’t bleed on the other side of the card before it dries. You can also let it dry and open it while you are standing.

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Here’s what I picked up from the Dollar Tree:

1 Silver Metallic Ice Bucket
1 Large Silver Christmas Ornament
1 Pack of LED String Lights
Cotton balls (I had these already)
Duck Tape
Snowflake Ornaments
Snowflake Stickers
GemStone Stickers (I had these already)
Diamond Wrap

Hot Glue Gun/Sticks (Fix-All Adhesive – Optional)

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