Dollar Tree CHRISTMAS DIY/Bling Reindeer

Dollar Tree CHRISTMAS DIY/Bling Reindeer

Have you ever wondered why we’re decorating a tree for Christmas? What’s the point of that? We cut down a perfect tree, bring it home, decorate it with glass balls, bright lights, embarrassing crafts from our youth, and put a big star on it – why? No one knows exactly. But the Christmas tree has a long, if not mythological, history.

Go beyond the commerce and the mundane nature that Christmas has become and got to the symbolism that Christmas trees represent and you will get closer to the real truth. The Christmas tree, the first tree widely used as a Christmas tree throughout Europe, was originally cut down and placed in the home to spread good cheer and hope. When everything else on the horizon is dead and covered with mountains of snow, the evergreen color reminded us of the good things to come – the rebirth of the earth in spring.

In 1882, however, Thomas Edison’s assistant decided to use his boss’s invention to give the Christmas tree a “sparkling” effect – lights powered by electricity. This innovation made outdoor Christmas lighting possible in the early 1900s. And don’t you know that even then there was an annoying neighbor on the street who refused to turn off his Christmas lights until long after Easter?

But what about the tradition of the ornaments we use to decorate the tree? You know what I’m talking about… all the little scribbles, candy canes, and embarrassing crafts that your parents “insist” on decorating the tree every year – where does this tradition come from? Simple – all these decorations were transformed from eight different decorations.

The star – symbolically it means: “The bright hope for all mankind”.
The color red – red is not only used on trees, but also on almost all other Christmas decorations that have fallen from a skewer since the beginning of time. Red symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for all.
The Christmas tree – green, the second color of Christmas, symbolizing light and eternal life. The needles point to the sky.
The bell – actually symbolizes more the sound of a bell than the bell itself. The bell rings to bring home the lost sheep.
The candle (and later the electric light) – symbolizes our thanks to the Star of Bethlehem.
The bow – is tied, as we should all be united forever in the bonds of goodwill.
The candy cane – symbolizes the shape of the shepherd’s staff that is used to carry the lost lambs back to the flock.
The crown – symbolizes eternal love without beginning or end.

Welcome back, family & friends! Thank you all so much for joining me for another Dollar Tree DIY! This is the first of my Dollar Tree Christmas DIYs. In today’s video, I will be showing you how I bling out their tinsel reindeers.

I hope you all are inspired to maybe give it a try. They also carry the nice size tinsel Chrismas Trees that you could do the same to and would look lovely with these beautiful bling reindeers! If you like these then please give me a big thumbs up, I always appreciate it! If you’re visiting I ask that you stay awhile by hitting that loyal (Subscribe) button down below. Also, don’t forget to turn on your notifications so you don’t miss out on the fun! Until my next video, you all stay blessed!

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