~DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS DIY- Centerpiece – Farmhouse Christmas Decor ~

DOLLAR TREE CHRISTMAS DIY- Centerpiece – Farmhouse Christmas Decor 

Children are always excited to be released from that long day at school, but when they come home on weekends or during the Christmas break, it never takes them long to wonder what to do. This is where you come in. As a parent, babysitter, childcare provider, older (or younger) sibling, you must find creative ways to ensure that the child has fun and is entertained without taking time away from your already busy schedule.

Creating and making fun can be incredibly useful and valuable for children and young people of all ages. Here are some ways a child can benefit from simple children’s crafts:

All children need a creative outlet in their lives, and crafts give children the opportunity to use their imagination to create creative arts and crafts while learning basic skills like hand-eye coordination.
Crafts also teach children the importance of following directions and the consequences of not following them reinforce this if their craft project does not go as planned.
Crafts with children also have psychological benefits for the child. These benefits are critical to the child’s growth and maturation process, but most parents often overlook them.
Crafts are also a great way to slow things down, relax, and spend a quiet afternoon with your child.
Building self-confidence serves teens as a tremendous confidence booster and positively builds a child’s self-esteem.
Now that you know how useful it can be to do crafts with your child, let’s look at some of the fun and creative activities you can do and have a good time doing crafts with children. There are some fun craft ideas for you and your children to try at home, such as making Christmas chains, cookies, snowflakes, rattlesnake bracelets, and more.

I am so happy with how this dollar tree galvanized bucket turned out. It’s the cutest Christmas Tree Farm Bucket with a Little Red Truck on it. You could use the bucket / Planter for anything -it would be super cute with a Christmas tree in it, or used for a movie night filled with cocoa, popcorn, candy and a movie. It would be a great gift filled with tree trimming supplies, cookies, and sweets, or whatever you could dream up. . I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Don’t forget to like, and share! 😊❤️