Dollar Tree Christmas DIY | Winter Glam Decor

Dollar Tree Christmas DIY | Winter Glam Decor

Craft shops are the closest thing to home when you’re looking for your next craft project, but it’s helpful if you know how and when you can shop there, and if you think outside the box when it comes to where to buy your goods.

End-of-season sales

Buying all year round is a great way to save money when buying craft supplies. After the end of the year holiday, many craft shops offer their Christmas craft products for sale. This is a good time to buy holiday stickers and scrapbook paper as well as holiday fabric. After the 4th of July, look for red, white, and blue items and stock up on pumpkin products after Halloween.

The change of season always means that stock is out when the new product line arrives. When summer begins, you’ll find a wide range of pastel fabrics and yarns, as well as floral motifs.

Buying throughout the year makes it easier when you sit down to work on a project because you are more likely to have the materials you need in stock. If your first craft project of the year is a scrapbook from the previous year and you’ve been shopping all year, then it will be easy for you to sit down and make your scrapbook. Since many craft projects can be a bit expensive, you can reduce costs by buying year-round and spreading your expenses out over at least a year.

Go to the Sales Aisles

You might be surprised at the clearance products. Yarn is particularly expensive, but if you find it in the clearance sale, you can stock up on a large quantity of a quality brand.

Wal-Mart always has a clearance sale, and if you look often and closely, you can often find drastically reduced craft clearance products.

Also, keep an open mind when searching the aisle. Just because an item is meant to be used in one way doesn’t mean it can’t be used in another. Products such as girls’ hair ribbons can be used in scrapbooks, while bargain cloth mats can be cut for quilt cuts.

Registering with craft stores

Many craft stores have mail that sends them out regularly. This is a good way to find out about the sale and get coupons that you can take with you when you leave.

Sometimes these stores send out coupons or have sales only to people on their mailing lists.

All the stores

Supplies for your craft project don’t have to come from a craft store. This may be the best way to save money on your craft supplies.

If you need fabric for a project such as a quilt, contact your local Salvation Army. Not only do they have large quantities of clothing that can be cut to size, but sometimes they also have sheets or blankets or other large pieces of fabric that can be used. This is a great way to get large amounts of fabric almost for free.

Auctions and garage sales are also good places to find cheap craft items. Auctions can be a place where unique supplies can be found, and garage sales can often get expensive supplies for much less than even the discount section of a store.

Look at all the stores differently, the hardware store may have the perfect piece for your next craft project!

Use these tips the next time you go to the craft store so you can spend less on your hobbies.

Dollar Tree Christmas DIY | Winter Glam Decor

Hey guys! Have you started decorating for the Holidays yet? Let me know if you have any and when you normally start decorating. I still have my Fall decor up but wanted to get these ideas out to you before everything is gone! I hope you enjoyed these Dollar Tree DIYs.

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