Dollar Tree DIY Glam Candle Holder (Christmas DIY Series)

Dollar Tree DIY Glam Candle Holder (Christmas DIY Series)

Once you’ve found the right holiday art, the quilt patterns usually fit in the right place to present it. If this is your first attempt to use art to apply a holiday art quilt pattern, the start may seem a little overwhelming. It’s very easy if you keep these tips in mind.

Start by choosing simple art. Maybe your first-holiday art quilt pattern shouldn’t be a complicated scene. Try starting with a Christmas tree first.

A holiday art quilt pattern with a Christmas tree in the center can be very simple or more complicated, depending on your level of knowledge. It could be as simple as sewing a large green print triangle for the evergreen tree and a small rectangle for the trunk.

Use your computer’s clip art collection – or your favorite online clip art – as inspiration for the design. Once you have found the Christmas theme you want to use for the quilt pattern, print it out and you have your Christmas theme.

Once you’ve chosen your holiday art, it’s time to choose your quilt pattern. Will you apply your holiday art to a large 12-inch square, or will you incorporate it into another pattern, such as a nine-piece patch? You may choose to apply your holiday art to a large square in the middle of your quilt and border it with several blocks of your favorite quilt pattern – it’s up to you!

Maybe the holiday art you want to work on your quilt pattern will be a popular family Christmas photo – what an exciting way to create a family favorite!

There are several ways to put your picture on your quilt. I recommend putting the photo on a quilt block before quilting. In case something goes wrong with the transfer, it is much easier to cut another block than to create a completely different quilt.

Transferring photos is easy. Transfer paper is available at most craft stores. If you want to print your photo on a darker fabric, get a transfer paper specially designed for the darker fabric. Follow the attached instructions to create your holiday photo quilt pattern.

Another way to transfer photos is to print them directly onto the fabric. This costs a little more than making the transfer yourself, but the water-based ink goes directly to the fibers of your cotton fabric. The photo will feel soft because it actually becomes part of the fabric.

Digital printing has a long life span, which is important if you plan to use the quilt and need to wash it often. Some photo transfers will not last because of repeated washings. Check with local T-shirt printers to see if they offer digital garment printing services. Most are screen printers, so you will need to order a digital printer directly to the garment that does not use sublimation. If you phrase your question that way, removing the weeds will help you find a good photo printer for your holiday art quilt.

If you are not interested in appliqués, there are several quilt patterns where you insert Christmas trees, bells or wreaths into the pattern. Choosing one of these traditional Christmas quilt patterns would be an easy way to create a family heirloom for Christmas.

If you choose such a Christmas art quilt pattern, no application is necessary. To give the traditional tree piece pattern its own style, you could decorate the trees with buttons, irons in rhinestones, a zippered garland, etc.

When you’ve finished the Christmas art quilt pattern, don’t forget to sign and date the quilt. Use a fabric marker to sign and date the quilt with your name. You can also use a simple embroidery to embroider your name and date on the quilt. Remember that your creation will not be complete without your name and the date it was completed!

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In this video, I demonstrate how EASY it is to create glam candle holders using items from the Dollar Tree. Hope you are inspired to create your own. If you like this video, please share it with your family and friends. As always, thanks for watching….xoxoxoxoxoxo