Glam Dollar Tree DIY Wall Decor (Christmas DIY Series)

Glam Dollar Tree DIY Wall Decor (Christmas DIY Series)

With the introduction of beautiful Christmas trees and other decorative items, Christmas shopping can be very enjoyable. The only thing without which Christmas would be incomplete is the Christmas sock. Everyone, especially children, hangs them up in the belief that Santa will come and put his presents in the socks.

The old tradition related to Christmas socks says that the original Santa Claus (St. Nicholas) left his first gifts in the form of gold coins in the socks of three poor girls who needed money for their wedding. The girls had hung their stockings on the fire to dry without knowing about Santa’s gift. Because of this tradition, Christmas socks are considered auspicious at Christmas. And they’re always hanging over the mantelpiece.

Just the thought of full Christmas socks hanging over the fireplace makes little children smile. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus hovers over their heads. As soon as the sun rises, they stand in their stockings to see if Santa has given them the gifts they have been waiting for.

In the past, it was a tradition to receive small gifts such as fruit, nuts, chocolate, and candy in their stockings. Lately, however, these small gifts have given way to more expensive gifts. Now the latest trend is that stockings can be filled with everything from school supplies and toy batteries to art and craft supplies.

The new Christmas socks are now made from new materials such as lace or satin, with creative shapes and full of matching gifts. A favorite among children is the red and green socks with Santa’s image on them. Christmas socks are now the new Christmas gifts.

In this video, I have used all Dollar Tree items along with an old frame to create a glam wall decor piece. Hope you’re inspired to create your own affordable DIY….Thanks for watching and Happy Holidays…xoxoxoxoxoxo