HOLiDAY CRAFTS with ADLEY!! Learn to make SANTA, a Christmas Tree, and Snowy Elf! family DIY fun

and some intense FLOOR is LAVA with Niko!


HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s that time again for some CRAFTS, CHRISTMAS EDITION!! We wanted to jump right into the video because we love making crafts so much BUT Niko also loves lava so he pressed the lava button and we had to turn that off! We had to make a path from the kitchen to the front of the house with the stuff we could find around us! We used chairs, lava blankets, pillows, and barstools to make it to the other lava button so we could turn it off! After we turned off the lava we gathered all of our crafts and started on our ideas! We thought it would be a good idea to make a Santa, elf, Christmas tree, and presents so that we could have a Christmas party! Making crafts was so fun and I was staying clean because of my new A for Adley Apron! I love it, it’s so cute! During the process, Niko kept turning on the lava and interrupting us but we didn’t mind because he was having such a fun time!!

my last video – ADLEY HOTEL is now OPEN!! Master Niko helps Dad check in! NO PETS! Orbeez Spa! family pretend play

my dad’s last video – SNOWY the FAMiLY ELF is back!! the return of Santa Dad! ice skating and musical kids before bed

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*