How to Draw a Gingerbread Man With Colored Pencils (Christmas DIY)

🎄🌟The holidays are here and that means Christmas cookies! Watch this fun timelapse and get inspired to draw a holiday card with your own classic gingerbread man smiling on the front.

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Wondering how to draw a gingerbread man? We’ve got just the video for you. Giving your loved ones a handmade Christmas card is a wonderful way to surprise them this holiday season. Such a simple yet loving gesture is what this season of giving is all about.
Start your card with a sketch (you can use the image in the video as a gingerbread man template) and then get creative! Add some cookies around your gingerbread man so he has company, or draw carrots and milk around him for Santa and his reindeer.
When you’re ready to start coloring, grab your set of Arteza Professional Colored Pencils and start adding those crispy edges, shiny frosting, and candy buttons to decorate him.

When you’re finished, make sure to write a sweet message inside the card and give it to someone you love! Everyone will want a holiday card from you once they see your talent.

Thank you for watching! 👏🏻

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