How to make a paper snowflake easily and quickly [Christmas craft]

You just look at what a beautiful snowflake you and I can make with our own hands from A4 paper. This is a wonderful New Year’s homemade school for a lesson in creativity. In this video you will learn how to decorate your Christmas tree or room for the New Year with your own hands. This wonderful New Year’s homemade A4 paper will create a good festive mood for you and your loved ones, and you will be able to meet the coming New Year in a special way. Making a paper snowflake for the New Year is a pleasure, easy and simple. You can make such a snowflake for the New Year if you watch this master class. Repeat making a paper snowflake for the New Year after me, watching these simple and clear instructions! And you can decorate your Christmas tree, house, apartment, classroom or room with a wonderful Christmas product in the form of a paper snowflake.
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Video Description:
0:01 Hello! You probably want to make a paper snowflake quickly and easily.
Take an A4 sheet. And fold the top right corner towards the bottom of the sheet.
Take scissors. Cut off the rectangle along the extreme line. You should now have a square with a fold along one of its diagonals. Fold the square into a triangle and place it one large corner up. Fold in half. Expand the triangle at a large downward angle. And fold in half. Bend the workpiece in half again. Iron the folds well. Cut along the top strip.
Place the workpiece so that the fold is on the left side and the two ends on the right.
Take a pencil. And start drawing the pattern for the snowflake.

First, lightly press the pencil. Arc. Arc down. Another arc down. Arc to the right. Arc on the left. Arc down. Adjust the pattern a little so that the picture looks like the leaves of a field thistle.
Now you can well outline the contours of the snowflake pattern. Draw a line at the bottom.

Were you able to draw such a pattern of snowflakes?
Cut dark areas with scissors.
You should get such a blank. Expand it.

Were you able to make such a New Year’s craft? Let me know about it below.

It has been a great pleasure to be with you.

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