How to make Table top Christmas Tree from Newspaper | DIY Christmas Crafts

How to make Tabletop Christmas Tree from Newspaper | DIY Christmas Crafts

Has money been tight in your home lately? Are you looking for creative and profitable solutions to give? If you’re a little handy, a good paper-mâché recipe might be all you need to fill your Christmas gift list. Paper mache requires very few ingredients and can be made quickly and cheaply when needed. For years, this type of craft has been considered a children’s craft, but clay artists and craftsmen have expanded this term to include the creation of great works of art or fun treats. If you have ever worked with clay or thought about it and decided that it is too expensive, this could be the alternative you were looking for.

This basic paper-mâché recipe ends in clay and can be air-dried or baked in a kiln. Break up several approximately one-inch square pieces of newspaper. You will need a large bowl filled. Boil eight cups of water in a large pot. Place the broken newspaper in the pot and reduce the heat to medium. Continue cooking for twenty to twenty-five minutes while stirring with a spoon. When the paper comes apart, remove the pot from the stove. Beat the paper with an electric hand blender until smooth. Pour paper into a strainer and drain excess water. Do not squeeze the water. Pour the paper back into the pot and add a cup of flour. Mix the paper-mâché well and let it simmer. When the mixture reaches the consistency of clay, remove it from the heat. Pour the clay into the newspapers and let it cool down. Once the mixture is cool enough to knead and process, you can start making your masterpieces. With this recipe, you can make enough clay to work with at the same time. A double batch is not recommended. If you need more, wait until you have exhausted the first batch.

Create your projects by shaping the clay into the shapes and sculptures you want, or by covering cans, jars, wood, and wire to create your artwork. Make decorations for Christmas exchange parties or as gifts for colleagues and friends. Cover the cardboard boxes and you will have wonderfully strong jewelry or jewelry boxes. Shape the grapes, leaves, and vines and attach them to a bottle of cheap wine. This paper-mâché recipe is very versatile. Any project you can imagine doing with clay can be done with this recipe. Make plates, jewelry, bowls, or boxes. Press the clay into molds for more detailed designs. Allow the finished pieces to air dry for a few days. The thickness of the project determines the time it will take. If you can put your piece in the kiln, bake it at about 200 degrees for faster results. Note: Do not put the suggested bottle of wine in the oven.

This paper-mâché recipe gives a very durable end product. When your project is completely dry, sand the surface to make it smooth. Use regular acrylic paints to bring your art to life and finish with a protective clear acrylic spray. The final result can look very impressive and professional.

How to make Tabletop Christmas Trees from Newspaper | DIY Christmas Crafts
Here I described how to make a beautiful Tabletop Christmas Trees from Newspaper. It’s a beautiful home decor and the best out of waste craft for this Christmas.
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