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Christmas Arts and Crafts

Vacation is just around the corner. Everyone who’s ever walked into a store has been flooded with mint this and pumpkin that. It seems that almost everything has a seasonal treatment, and that can certainly hurt our belt a bit. So instead of putting mint in your mouth, how about saving it just for your lips? Or how about creating a mint-flavored lotion? Give a homemade gift basket of your favorite products, or just fill a sock with flavored lip balm for the kids. The possibilities are endless.

Stuffing socks can be ridiculously expensive. If you have a large family, it can be very expensive to insure that your socks are completely filled. These little products add up in the end. Your favorite lip care products can be available from as little as $2 or more for a small tube. So why not make your own lipsticks? You can make it a fun activity for the whole family and then take the unlabeled tubes and specialize them with your child’s name on the sock. Imagine your six-year-old wakes up and sees “Sarah’s Label” on her sock. The taste of the season gives the stocking a certain something. There are two ways to do this:

If you want to take the easy way out, you can buy an empty lip balm from a company for less than $30. Then just go to an office supply store and buy printable labels that you can design on your computer. With a little creativity and a home computer, you can buy your own custom lipsticks for the lip balm for less than $30 apiece, and your loved ones will think you paid a lot more.

You can also buy the empty tubes along with the melting and pouring base to make your own. Just melt the base, add your own flavor, and fill the empty tubes to sit. After less than an hour, the balm hardens and is ready to use. This option requires a little more time, but could be a fun project to do together as a family. Then sit down at the computer and let your kids help you design the labels. You can mix up your favorite flavors and your kids can distribute their lip balms to family members as the perfect home gift for the recipient to use.

Another option is to make a whole day and start filling your own lotions, shower gels, and soaps. Use the same label design as for the lip balm, and you and your child can have your own “product line” for the holiday season. Look for a wholesale company that offers you ingredients (melting and pouring balm) and items (lip balm tubes) individually or the finished lip balm without a label, such as Bulk Apothecary or various eBay sellers. These are products that everyone uses every day, so they are wonderful gifts. Personalization is the key, so be creative and take the time to create the perfect label.

Bulk Apothecary is a full-service provider and industry leader in unscented lotions and other unscented bases, as well as plastic bottles, lip balms, and all other soap-making products. We pride ourselves on offering the best quality and prices in the USA.

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