2 Easy Easter craft made with waste materials step by step at home |DIY Low budget Easter décor idea

how to make Easter craft with waste materials -DIY Low budget Easter/Spring décor ideas
Hello viewers!
Welcome to my channel craft crazy genius, Today I will show you 2 beautiful economical Easter craft for home decoration on this Easter.
These craft is very very Easy to make and very Inexpensive in cost,
I Hope you Like this Video and Will try it soon ……

Download Template : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DzBgW9efJVN4qV7xlGzSZI1UOsLYnBsm

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For making Styrofoam Egg please watch : https://youtu.be/SucnhrNd6Mc
For making Styrofoam Carrot :

Following Materials Required for this craft…..
1st Easter wreath ……
– Cardboard box
– Popsicle stick and acrylic color
– wool
– Styrofoam egg and carrot
– Pearls
– felt sheet, green paper grass
– Glue
2nd Easter wreath ……
– cardboard
– pistachio shell and Tamarind seeds
– ribbons
– cord
– Glue