AD | How To Create an ULTIMATE Family Easter Egg Hunt with Cadbury and Channel Mum

AD | How To Create an ULTIMATE Family Easter Egg Hunt with Cadbury and Channel Mum

Easter Sunday is a long-awaited holiday for children. After all, they can be together with friends and family, play, eat candy and other treats, and even receive gifts! Of course, unfortunately, we adults are the ones who have to provide all the fun. Instead of enjoying the vacation without worry, we are given the responsibility. Finding the perfect Easter gifts for children and making sure that the budget is met can be exhausting. Fortunately, this article is here to help. Here you can get fun ideas for Easter gifts, which can be packed individually or put together in a big Easter basket!

Candy, Candy, and Other Treats

Easter is a great time of year for sweets. Delicious sweets suitable for the holidays are distributed in large quantities. There are chocolate eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow chickens, and the very important staple food: the chocolate Easter bunny. If you only distribute small favors, the chocolate Easter bunny can be a good choice. Another possibility would be to fill a medium-sized plastic egg with jelly beans or other goodies. The possibilities are endless. Candy is also a great filling for an Easter basket, whether you want to put nothing but candy in the basket or fill the edges around another gift. Candy is something that would please both children and adults, so it’s hard to go wrong.

Games and DVDs

The games and DVDs can be given away individually, but as part of an Easter basket, they are even more fun. And although Easter movies are not as popular as Christmas movies, there are movies and shows with similar themes. For example, Chicken Little, Dora the Explorer, and many other cartoons have Easter specials. If you know which cartoon or TV show a child likes best, you might even find the appropriate Easter special and get a fantastic gift. Alternatively, themed Easter games can be a great addition to any basket. And if the child did not receive the gift, they will immediately have entertainment for their Easter gathering and give all the adults a break!

Books and art supplies for activities

Easter is a holiday that can really ignite artistic creativity. After all, painting eggs is probably the number one holiday activity among children. So getting activity books and art materials can be a great addition. Prepare a box of crayons, colored paper, and craft kits and you’ll have a great gift. Or there are lots of activity books to color in with Easter themes. For example, a coloring or activity book to accompany the Easter Bunny on an adventure, or one that tells the story behind Easter. These items can also be delivered individually or as part of a basket. Either way, it’s another great way to entertain children and make them their favorite gift.

Easter costumes

This can be difficult, especially trying to find the right size, but it can also be a lot of fun. For example, get them a pair of nice rabbit ears, because most of them come in one size. Or you could get those adorable dresses or T-shirts with Easter prints. There’s a wide selection, and most of them are very affordable. Remember that kids love costumes, so this could be a very fun and unique gift idea.

Stuffed animals

Who doesn’t like stuffed animals? We’re saving the best for last! Cuddly toys are in great demand during the Easter season. The most obvious example of a good toy gift would be a stuffed rabbit. After all, Easter is embodied in the figure of the Easter bunny, so what better way to represent it than with a small, furry double? In fact, a rabbit would make a great centerpiece for your Easter basket. But if the rabbit isn’t for you, there are other animals traditionally associated with Easter. These are chickens and ducklings. If you make a smaller basket, this can be a great option. A plush chick or a small baby duck would make a very nice centerpiece. Each of these stuffed animals can also be given as a great individual gift. But remember, there’s no reason to be so limited when it comes to stuffed animals – pick the one you like and you’ll have a super fun gift!

There you go, all these ideas should give you something to work with and take some of the stress out of adults. You can find a personalized gift or a gift basket for any budget and have a very happy Easter!

Easter egg hunts are a holiday tradition for SO many families – they bring people together and they’re a load of fun. What’s not to love?

This year, amp things up a notch by indulging in some fresh inspiration from mums Emily, Rebecca, Ash, Lucy, Bibiana, and Kerry. They’ve all put their own spin on the favorite Easter tradition – and you’ll definitely pick up some great tips on how to make the hunt fun for the whole family.

A brilliant thing to add to your hunt is the Channel Mum Easter Egg Hunt Activity Pack – it’s filled with simple craft ideas for the whole family.

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