DIY Dollar Tree Easter Decor | 3 PROJECTS!

DIY Dollar Tree Easter Decor | 3 PROJECTS!

Although we consider gift baskets to be a modern form of giving, gift baskets have existed in various cultures throughout history. It may be impossible to determine who gave the first gift basket, but there are many fascinating stories about gift baskets that have been told over the years. One of the first tents that had a sacred connotation is the story of Moses. In the Old Testament, Moses’ mother placed him as a child in a wicker basket that she hid in the reeds on the banks of the Nile to protect him from the Egyptian soldiers, and then the daughter of the Egyptian royal family found him, considered him a gift, and took him into her care and protection. Even the first chariots were more like a ride in a basket on wheels, not like the chariots we have seen in the movies, like Ben Hur.

Here are some quotes from some famous people in history about baskets. Benjamin Franklin said, “It is far better to give a basket as a gift than to receive one. Vincent van Gogh said, “I have a terrible need to… dare I say the word? – religion. Then I go out at night and paint the stars and send a gift basket to everyone I know,” and Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is more important than intelligence. Sending a gift basket is as creative as it is intelligent.

Gift baskets have been used for more than just gifts for many years. They have been used to carry everything from eggs and vegetables harvested from the garden to provisions carried on the backs of mules and donkeys and, in some cases, even people. Long before your local grocery store asked you if you wanted “paper or plastic,” baskets were the main way people carried their goods.

Traditionally, basket makers collected and prepared their own material, and even today most baskets are still made by hand. Even now, in the industrial age in which we live, it is almost impossible to make them with machines. They require the same manual labor that has always been used. Some cultures have made basket weaving an art form, like many Indian groups famous for their basket weaving. Even in Taiwan, they are still made by hand, as it is not easy to mass-produce them with molds, power saws or grinders. It is difficult to improve the most basic techniques of basket weaving.

Since most baskets are still made by hand, they have a special meaning when given away. You can find everything from some unique and colorful baskets to simple cane baskets in almost any size and shape. There are so many reasons to give a gift basket, such as baby gift baskets with diapers, blankets or clothes, or Christmas gift baskets with those special holiday treats or decorations that someone may love and not want to buy just for Easter, Christmas, New Year and any other holiday you can imagine, or a home warming gift basket, which can contain everything from soap, towels to wine, all to congratulate you on your new home. What makes gift baskets the perfect gift is the fact that they can be easily customized for someone very special by choosing the packaging, ribbon, and bows in their favorite colors.

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