DIY How to make Easter bunny Easter Crafts

DIY How to make Easter bunny Easter Crafts

In a few months, we will celebrate Easter. Easter is a Christian celebration where Christianity commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is considered one of the oldest and most important Christian festivals. For Catholics, it marks the end of Holy Week, which is celebrated annually. A week of Christian brooding, reflection, and fasting, during which people commit themselves to remember how Christ died to liberate humanity, Easter means hope and new life.

Planning the celebration of Easter

Children wait for Easter as merrily as Christmas. A party at Easter is like a Christmas party in spring. The weather is perfect with a gentle breeze, while the golden sun rays and lush green accentuate the landscape, which is always a perfect time for family celebrations.

Before you choose a theme for your party, set your goals and ideas. For example, if you want to bring more Christian values to your children, why not have an Easter party with a biblical theme? Plan the program, food, and budget carefully. Camping in a health resort at Easter is a good idea, but is it good for the budget? Why not have a picnic in the backyard? Better still, have a big family reunion to cut your budget, but it will definitely increase the fun. To add a personal touch to the party, you can design your own decorations and involve the children – they’ll certainly love helping out!

Easter crafts for children

If you have planned the entire Easter celebration, don’t forget to involve your children in this special holiday. Decorate the location for the event and make Easter crafts made by your children as a montage design for your event. This way, your children will learn the value of hard work and be given the opportunity to be creative. Remember, you should always have an adult or tutor to help your children while you make these 5 Easter crafts for your children to work on:

* Easter egg painting – paint the eggshells with non-toxic paints, you can use them as a centerpiece on your table or hang them on tree branches with a string.
* Rabbit ears – have an adult (like your child) help your children make rabbit ears. Think outside the box, don’t be too conventional, color the rabbit ears with exciting colors to make it more personal and exciting.
* Huge Easter Mosaic – provide your children with a free wall to draw, paint or glue anything Easter related to the Easter theme, then use it as a photo background to take pictures of your guests as a souvenir.
* Easter bag – this is really very simple. Use paper bags to collect all the sweets and little toys and other gifts you can think of and put them all in the bag, add labels to make them more attractive. Your kids can tie the ribbons, add other designs like flowers, mini toys, handmade cards or paper dolls, and voilà! They have their Easter memory with a personal touch!
* Paper Easter Bunny – buy “ready-made” rolling eyes at your local bookstore. You can stick them on paper plates after your children have painted, drawn, or painted the paper plates as they like. You can use art paper, cut out pictures from magazines. Help the children make sure they get the “bunny look” right.

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