It is not the light from the lamp that brings out the best, but the lamp and the shade. Here are some simple and inexpensive lamp ideas for home design to give the old lighting standard a new look. Let’s start with the lampshade: Did you know that you can paint almost any fabric and paper with standard spray paint or with homemade spray paint? The homemade formula consists of 1 part paint (latex or craft) to 10 parts water. Measure the parts based on the size of a standard plastic spray bottle. All you have to do is select your paint and apply it to one or all of these decorative applications.

– Stick the diagonal lines or stripes with painter’s tape. -Create simple stencils by creating your own designs or by browsing your local craft store. -Instead of spraying the paint, apply the paint with a sea sponge to give it a completely different look

Make sure the paint is sprinkled on before you start so that the paint sticks. Aside from all the paint, another way to give this shadow a cool design look is to apply dark paper silhouettes inside a lighter shadow. Create a seasonal accent on the lampshade by changing the shape accordingly. For example, place stars or silhouettes of Christmas trees during the holidays. Hares or eggs look good at Easter. Single petals, stems, and any shape you need can be downloaded from the free clickable art websites.

Make sure the loose silhouette, which is attached to the inside of the lampshade, is not too close to the bulb. Now let’s take a look at your lamp base. There are no limits to creativity here. It’s easy to create a lamp base from almost any stable three-dimensional shape:

  • Vases for garden sales
  • Large bowls of soup
  • The bowls were turned upside down
  • Terracotta pots
  • Books glued in a horizontal pile
  • Wooden boxes with their note decoupled
  • Teapots
  • Antique bottles
  • Anything!

Most home-built bases need a hole in the bottom or side to bring the rope down and through. Unless you have an old lamp stored somewhere that you can take apart and put back into your new lamp, you’ll need to buy a cheap shop lamp kit. This kit contains all the hardware and electrical parts needed to mount the lamp.

The other proven and inexpensive way to bring a lamp back to life is to paint the base. Again, the choice of application is up to you. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Guild
  • Decoupage
  • Recorded
  • Template
  • Add colors that emphasize wall art

The most important point to consider when planning the painting of the lamp is to buy paint that is specifically adapted to the type of object; glass paint for glass, metal for metal, etc. Whatever you do, these simple and inexpensive ideas for lamps and lampshades will bring fun, freshness, and stunning new lighting to any room in your home.

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out our video! Today I’m going to be showing you how I made this adorable Easter egg topiary and this Easter egg nest all out of dollar tree materials! Thanks for watching!!
Remember to be creative, be unique, but most importantly be yourself! See you in the next video!!!!


+ 2 toy basket balls from dollar tree
+2 wooden dowels
+ reindeer moss (2 bags)
+ jute ribbon
+ Easter egg picks
+hot glue

+ 1 plant container from dollar tree
+ Spanish Moss
+ Hot glue
+ pack of 6 Easter eggs (for decor)

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