If you are of Czech origin or know someone who would be happy to receive a great Czech-themed gift, we have a top 10 list for you. The best part is that most of these gifts are cheap, many of them under $20. Here are the top ten gifts for the Czech in your life…

Czech T-shirt

There are literally dozens of great t-shirt designs, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, and more. Some of the most popular are Czech sayings, the country’s flag and a sketch of the Czech Republic.

Hockey and football shirts

These two sports are the most popular in the country and many great hockey and football players have started their careers in the Republic. Specialty online stores can customize a national team jersey – a great way to show some nationalist pride!

Garnet jewelry

Many visitors to Prague are looking for jewelry decorated with fiery red garnets mined in Bohemia. You can find them in pendants, rings, and necklaces.

Flag of the Czech Republic

What better way to honor your heritage than with a flag? Or, if a flag does not match your decoration, you can apply a flag design to any type of clothing.

Czech Crystal Glassware

Bohemia, an area of the Czech Republic, is world-famous for its specialized glassware. Glassmaking is one of the country’s most cherished traditions, and numerous intricate designs are a trademark of these artisans. Wine glasses and goblets are the most popular.

Czech Republic Vacation Package

For added enjoyment, there are many special vacation packages for those who want to explore the Czech Republic. Among the most popular are the Prague Christmas Tour and a special genealogy tour of the country.

Bohemian crystal vase

Like glassware, the production of the crystal is known as a Bohemian specialty. A beautiful decorative vase is the perfect opening or a wedding gift.

Easter eggs

Easter is an important holiday in the Czech Republic. It is expected with great anticipation and many special Easter traditions have been maintained for generations. One of these traditions is hand-painted Easter eggs made of wood, porcelain, or other suitable material.

Puppets and marionettes

Puppetry is a wonderful tradition, and nowhere is it more revered than in the Czech Republic. A puppet or marionette is a perfect gift for a young child as it stimulates their creativity and artistic talent.

Fire-polished pearls

A perfect idea for the craft lovers in your life. Fire-polished beads can be used to decorate works of art, jewelry, and women’s clothing. Pearls are one of the world’s most popular craft hobbies, and these pearls are known to be the best.

Hey guys! Thanks for checking out our video! Today I’m going to be showing you how I made this adorable carrot patch and little carrot topiaries out of items from the dollar tree. I hope you enjoy it!! Thanks for watching!!
Remember to be creative, be unique, but most importantly be yourself! See you in the next video!!!!


+ 1 bag of mini carrots from dollar tree
+ 4 small pots from dollar tree
+ Jute twine from dollar tree
+ Craft sticks from dollar tree
+ Reindeer Moss from dollar tree
+ Hot glue
+ White/Grey paint

+ 1 foam core board from dollar tree
+ Large Popsicle sticks from Walmart
+ Wooden Dowel from Walmart or dollar tree
+ 2 bags of mini carrots from dollar tree
+ Reindeer Moss from dollar tree
+ Spanish Moss from dollar tree
+ Hot glue
+ White/Grey paint

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