Dollar Tree Cooling Rack Cross Easter DIY

Dollar Tree Cooling Rack Cross Easter DIY

Ask children to save items to contribute to their fun arts and crafts projects. This is a great opportunity to communicate the importance of recycling and saving our landfills. Here are some ideas for recyclable items to save, but see if there are other items you can use to make your own treasures from the trash. Use your imagination and think “outside the box”!

These recyclable items are great for arts and crafts projects. Be sure to check the items to make sure they are clean and safe for children.

Egg cartons
Paper rolls
Berry baskets
Baby food jars
Plastic soda bottles
Cans of tuna (no sharp edges)
Greeting cards and antique calendars
A six-pack of plastic rings
Food bags made of paper
Magazines (suitable for children)
Coffee and beverage cans
Oatmeal container
Cardboard boxes of different sizes
Clean socks (the ones that don’t get lost in the dryer!)
Some craft ideas for children include dolls, box sculptures, science projects, collages, and homemade gifts. Dolls can be made from all sizes of bags, socks, and boxes. Create a puppet with a shoebox and imagination! Many science projects, such as making a tornado, a rainstorm, or a terrarium, require a plastic soda bottle. Use berry baskets as decorations for Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, or Easter gifts.

Making a collage is an inexpensive art project if you use many of the items listed above. Put up old greeting cards, calendars, magazines, postcards, and pieces of paper for children to make a unique collage. Save leftover craft materials such as buttons, ribbons, lace, fabric scraps, and beads for the collage.

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