Dollar Tree Easter Crafts: Deco Mesh Easter Wreath

Dollar Tree Easter Crafts: Deco Mesh Easter Wreath

Most children love arts and crafts. Whether in school or in after-school programs, these classes give children the ability to express themselves creatively. Elementary school teachers report that most students look forward to art classes. Time gives children much-needed space to breathe in facts and figures. It allows them to relax and reflect on their thoughts in unexpected ways.

Tragically, in recent years many school districts have decided to cut budgets for art programs. As test scores continue to drop and schools struggle to meet basic math and reading requirements, art, music and physical education programs have been put on the proverbial chopping block. Millions of concerned parents have spoken out against these cuts in vain. As a result, many of them have begun practicing arts and crafts at home.

The benefits of arts and crafts

In addition to letting a child’s imagination run wild, arts and crafts are a wonderful way to connect with your children. As with any joint project, children feel they are part of a team and can freely express their own ideas. Working on simple art projects at home can help your child become more independent and confident. But most importantly, it gives her a sense of accomplishment. The statement “I did that” is a very powerful statement.

Holiday projects

The holidays are probably the best time to work on arts and crafts with your children. Most children not only love the images and emotions associated with the holidays, but it often gives them the opportunity to show their artwork to an audience. Since friends and family come for the big holidays, your child can display his or her favorite creations.

Winter Projects

Winter is the undisputed leader when it comes to holiday boats. Christmas, Chanukah, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day can awaken the creative spirit in almost every child. Before the weather cools, parents should stop by their local art supply store and stock up on colored pipe cleaners, glue, craft paper, billboards, and anything else that might be fun for their little artist.

A simple winter project that children often enjoy is making a New Year’s Eve hat. The hat can be made of craft paper or cardboard and after decoration, it can be glued or cone-shaped. Magic pencils, pipe cleaners, colored pencils, glitter, metal stars, and glue are all
…you’re going to need it.

Although children often make Valentine’s Day cards at school, a fun project for the home is to make a mailbox for cards from an old shoebox. Simply cover the box with construction paper, make an opening in the lid, and have your little Cupid decorate it. Here too, magic pens, stars, glitter, and glue are important tools.

Last but not least, we have a simple Christmas project. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of Christmas projects to choose from. But there is simply something about making stockings to hang on the mantelpiece. With an ordinary, undecorated felt sock or even a large red sock, a small artist can create something festive with glitter and fabric colors.

Spring projects

Most children love to decorate Easter eggs. Simply dipping hard-boiled eggs in a mixture of vinegar and food coloring will give them some color. But for creatively minded kids, this is just the beginning. When the eggs are dry, the shells can be painted with simple watercolors and sprayed with glitter and glue. Another simple trick that most people don’t know is to use crayons to color warm eggs. After boiling in water, hold the egg on a paper towel or pot holder and let your child draw on it. When the egg is hot enough, the wax in the crayons melts and unique patterns are created.

Summer projects

As summer is a long time for children, there are only a few days to celebrate. In fact, there’s only one, the Fourth of July. Hats and crowns decorated with the national colors are a simple and enjoyable project to celebrate America’s independence. Red, white and blue pipe cleaners can be taped to a narrow poster and attached to your child’s head. Don’t forget the sticky stars!

Fall Projects

Halloween and Thanksgiving are as colorful and full of iconic images as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Ghostly pumpkins, witches, skeletons, and bats can be tracked down and colored with the help of craft paper. Plastic eyes can complement any creepy creature. And for Thanksgiving, it’s all about the turkey. One creative project that requires some skill in the production of a pet turkey with a pineapple. The feet, beak, and feathers can be cut from craft paper and attached to the pineapple, and the face can be painted later. Affordable art objects are available at local craft stores or from Internet vendors – find holiday crafts that your children will love!

Hey, y’all! In this Dollar Tree Easter Craft video, I’ll show you how to make a deco mesh Easter wreath.

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