Dollar Tree Easter DIY Ideas 🐰 DIY Spring Decor 2019

Dollar Tree Easter DIY Ideas 🐰 DIY Spring Decor 2019

An Easter egg hunt can be an enjoyable way for children of all ages to celebrate the holiday.

Here are some helpful tips and some indications on how to plan a lovely Easter egg hunt that will be really fun for the kids.

Accessory Selection

No Easter egg hunt would be complete without Easter eggs. But instead of chocolate, look for hollow eggs that can be filled with fun gifts to add excitement. Kids love small toys, and this can be a great way to keep them from eating too much chocolate on Easter.

Easter baskets are also a must, so every child has a place to store the eggs they find. Traditionally, everyone empties their basket at the end of the hunt, and the person or team with the most eggs gets a special extra price (note: this can lead to an argument).

Make sure you have some starting points to mark where the hunt will begin. You may also want to mark the entire course – this keeps the kids from wandering off into the desert!

Choosing a Hunting Ground

If you imagine an Easter egg hunt, you probably imagine children in a park finding brightly colored Easter eggs. Unfortunately, spring weather can make planning outdoor events difficult.

Let’s hope you have a nice, warm, sunny climate for your hunt. However, in case the weather refuses to cooperate, make sure you have an alternative place where the children can move around safely.

Preparing for the hunt

Consider establishing separate areas for different age groups. This way, younger children can find eggs on their own without having to worry about being pushed by an older child. Older children enjoy walking around and getting as many eggs as possible. They might set a time limit for hunting and let the children go in small groups. You may want to add more eggs to each group. This way, each child has a chance to find many festive eggs.

If you organize the hunt so that only a few children are looking at any one time, consider having some simple arts and crafts projects for the children to complete while they wait. Simple, affordable children’s art and craft projects can be found on the Internet, which can help keep kids with energy from getting bored while waiting for their turn.

Today’s video is a Dollar tree Easter DIY Ideas. I hope you enjoy this dollar tree easter farmhouse decor. The decor is perfect for Easter 2019 DIY Spring Decor 2019

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