Depending on your personal belief system, Easter has a different meaning for people around the world. One thing that most people can do is that it is a fun time of year to color Easter eggs and start new craft projects.

This Easter, some children make their own version of an Easter basket by painting Easter pots instead of the traditional Easter basket. With a variety of lead-free safe glazes available on the market today, they can paint the entire spectrum of the rainbow on any pot. The Easter pot is more robust than the traditional basket and can be used year after year.

Under adult supervision, low-calorie glazes are another way to take a child’s pottery project to a new level of creativity. Children can make these Easter pots and then give them to their grandparents or godparents. There are so many colors and types of glazes that each child can express his or her own personality.

Making a picture frame is another great way to celebrate Easter. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Take your favorite bunny templates, stickers, colors, and design your personal Easter-themed photo frame. And when you’re ready to hang your frame, a nail hole filler will help you finish the job. Add your favorite photo from the Easter egg hunt and your photo frame is ready.

It certainly wouldn’t be Easter without the Easter chocolates. As soon as Valentine’s Day cards and candies are taken off the shelves, the Easter chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and all kinds of candies you can imagine appeared in the Easter colors. For parents who are looking for ways to divert attention from candy, creating art projects with balsa foam is a fun way to show their children that Easter is more than just candy. This easy-to-use product can even be cut with a popsicle stick to make non-edible Easter bunnies, eggs, and chickens.