Dollar Tree Farmhouse EASTER DIY!

Dollar Tree Farmhouse EASTER DIY!

Between Valentine’s Day and Easter, there is a small day in mid-March when everyone dresses in green and recognizes their inner Irish spirit: St. Patrick’s Day. Now that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, here are some simple preschool crafts to help show off some Irish pride, with goblins, clovers, and rainbows ending up in the ubiquitous pots of gold.

Little Elves

How can children not love leprechauns? They serve as pets for the sweetest of all cereals, are comparable in size to children themselves, and following them leads to fun things like rainbows and pots of bright gold. Since the leprechaun is sort of an unofficial St. Patrick’s Day mascot, you should try one of these simple preschool crafts to decorate your classroom.

This first craft is called “Goblin Kids.” Show the children drawings or pictures of leprechauns and have them each draw or paint their own picture. After the picture has dried, cut out a fingerprint-sized picture of each child’s face to paste on the elf. This craft can easily be transformed into a magnet by laminating it with waxed paper to hang it on the refrigerator.

The goblin hat is the center of the overall image of the goblin. A simple leprechaun that can be made from paper plates and trays. Cut a hole in the center of the paper plate that is slightly smaller than the edge of the paper bowl. Glue the paper bowl to the hat with glue or staples and let the children paint and decorate their elf hats.

Rock the cloverleaf…

Another central image of St. Patrick’s Day is the three-leaf clover or shamrock, as it is the official symbol of the Republic of Ireland. It is generally said that the clover brings good luck. Although the clover is not very suitable for simple arts and crafts in the pre-school age as it has a rather difficult shape to draw, there are some ways to integrate it in the arts and crafts age.

Paste three soup cans together to form a group and dip them in green paint to make an excellent clover leaf stamp. Simply add a line of paint to the glue and the kids can make clovers to decorate with glitter or paint.

Another great skill with clover leaves is that children can make fake glass clovers to hang in their windows. Using a stencil, have children cut a simple cloverleaf from contact or waxed paper. To achieve the effect of the glass paint, place a piece of tissue paper on the contact paper. Use glue when using wax paper.

Everybody loves the rainbow

Finally, the image of the rainbow plays a prominent role in St. Patrick’s Day iconography. Here is a funny rainbow figure that looks very pretty and colorful. It begins by cutting a cloud of white construction paper. Have the children glue strips of different colored crepe paper to the bottom of the cloud. If they wish, they can also glue a pot of gold cut out of construction paper to the bottom of the rainbow. Try these simple preschool crafts for a fun St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Hi friends! I made this Farmhouse inspired Dollar Tree Easter DIY to share with you all! Enjoy!