When you have created a great handcrafted product, the next important step before marketing is the packaging. Do not underestimate the value of packaging. It can increase sales and generate repeat business.

Have you ever received such a beautifully packaged gift? How about a nice gift wrapped in newspaper or a cut-up paper bag? Something that is beautifully wrapped predisposes the recipient to think that what is inside is wonderful, while the opposite is true if it is poorly wrapped.

High quality, handmade packaging for your products increases their perceived value, and the general desire of your customers. Using attractive packaging for your handmade products also gives your company the impression of professionalism and reliability. By packaging your handmade products in an attractive and unique way, you tell your customers that you care about them and your product. This will encourage customer loyalty, which will lead to repeat business.

Using a ribbon or decorative bag can turn a simple pillar candle into a unique work of art. This may be an exaggeration, but it is well known that a well-packaged craft product is more valuable to a customer than an unclothed one.

Do not forget the holidays. Holidays are the perfect time to sell your handmade products. Wrap them up properly. Your customers will love that you wrap their purchases so well that they don’t have to wrap their gifts themselves. For an additional fee, you can even offer “luxury gift wrapping”. Have the materials prepared in advance for Fall/Greetings, Christmas/Winter, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Summer.

Despite all these tips on the beautiful packaging, you should try to keep your costs low in this area. Look for discounted ribbons and accessories. Try to shop after the holidays to get supplies for next year. Buy in bulk and share the cost with other craftsmen. Use your leftovers, if you have them, to coordinate your packaging with your craft.

Hey guys! Here’s a few Dollar Tree DIYs I’ve done lately. I hope you enjoy it!!