Easter Basket Ideas – Part 1

6 DIY Easter Baskets for Adults

These grown-up seasonal gifts are a frugal way to celebrate the Easter holiday.

Basket of bath items

Spoil your special someone with an Easter spa basket, brimming with beauty products and pampering tools. (Getty Images)

During the Easter holiday, it’s hard not to feel a twinge of envy as your youngsters tear open packs of marshmallows and munch on the heads of chocolate rabbits.

But just because we’re grown-ups doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a visit from the Easter Bunny. This year, include the adults in your life in the tradition and treat your grown-up friends and family members to creative goodies and sophisticated sweets. Read on for six “eggs-cellent” and affordable gift ideas for do-it-yourself grown-up Easter baskets.

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1. Foodie Easter basket. Show affection for your food-loving friend with a basket packed with gourmet nibbles and nifty cooking gadgets. Instead of a traditional plastic basket, try arranging contents inside a large spice jar. Pack the jar with treats like artisanal jam and tangy pickles, and top off the arrangement with classy kitchen gear.

Shopping list:

  • 2-gallon Heritage Hill glass jar ($13.99 from Target)
  • Trader Joe’s uncured bacon jam ($4.49 from Trader Joe’s)
  • Smokra pickled okra with smoked paprika ($9.99 from rickspicks.com)
  • Solid oven mitt ($9.95 from Williams Sonoma)
  • Salt and pepper grinder by Utopia Kitchen ($10.99 from amazon.com)

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2. Spa Easter basket. Spoil your special someone with an Easter spa basket, brimming with beauty products and pampering tools. Fold a bath towel into a basket and hunt down scented soap, lotion, and other bath goodies. To complete the basket, throw in some slippers and a bath brush.

Shopping list:

  • The Big One solid bath towel ($3.99 on kohls.com)
  • Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt ($8.95 from Lush)
  • Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap ($14 from L’Occitane)
  • EcoTools Bristle Bath Brush ($5.99 from Ulta)
  • Wild Argan Oil Body Butter ($7 from The Body Shop)
  • Waffle Open-Toe Adult Slippers ($6.95 from amazon.com)

3. Wine lover’s Easter basket. A good bottle of vino is often enough to delight a wine lover. But to really wow your recipient this Easter, accompany a bottle with thoughtful eats and treats. In addition to a favorite red or white, load up a wicker basket with complimentary cheese and meats, then tuck a wine glass in for good measure.

Shopping list:

  • Medium Brown Jordan Basket ($6.99 from World Market)
  • 2013 Cune Crianza Rioja ($15.99 from wine.com)
  • Triple Crème Goat Brie ($9.99 from Whole Foods)
  • 365 Assorted Entertainment Crackers ($3.49 from Whole Foods)
  • Iberico Chorizo ($10 from Dean & DeLuca)
  • Stainless steel gold stemless wine glass ($6.99 from Target)

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4. Gardening Easter basket. With spring in full swing, amateur gardeners are returning to their plots to raise bright flowers and leafy veggies. Hook your green-thumbed friend up with the tools and supplies needed to make his or her garden blossom. Find seed packets, gardening gloves, and other tools, and display them in a rustic metal pail.

Shopping list:

  • Galvanized metal bucket with handle by Ashland ($2.99 from Michaels)
  • Ferry-Morse Sunflower Mammoth Seed ($1.35 from Home Depot)
  • Burpee Kaleidoscope Mix Carrot Seed ($2.49 from Home Depot)
  • Ferry-Morse Tomato Red Cherry Seed ($1.59 from Home Depot)
  • Pine Tree Tools bamboo gloves ($6.99 from amazon.com)
  • Project Source four-piece wood handle tool set ($9.98 from Lowe’s)

5. Fitness Easter basket. As the weather warms, many health nuts are revisiting their fitness goals for the new season. Celebrate the spring by building a workout Easter basket for the fitness fanatic in your life. To construct a fitness Easter basket, arrange healthy treats along with fitness apparel and accessories in a small workout bag.

Shopping list:

  • Tiffany drawstring bag ($2.76 from amazon.com)
  • Classic almond butter squeeze pack ($1.49 from Whole Foods)
  • Spicy Primal Beef Jerky ($6.99 from Whole Foods)
  • RXBAR Maple Sea Salt ($2.47 from luckyvitamin.com)
  • Empower Crew performance socks ($16 from stance.com)
  • Hitop adjustable jump-rope with a counter ($6.99)
  • Pro-Tec Athletics spiky ball massage ball ($9.95 from REI)

6. Techie Easter basket. You’d think a techie Easter basket would run on the expensive side, but we’ve dug up some cool knickknacks that will win your geek’s heart without breaking the bank. Find a Halloween pail with your recipient’s favorite movie or gaming character and cram it full of quirky sweets and neat gadgets.

Shopping list:

  • Darth Vader pail ($3.47 from Walmart)
  • Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps ($4.99 from thinkgeek.com)
  • Pokemon Pikachu portable charger ($9.99 from GameStop)
  • “Star Wars” lightsaber cutlery set ($14.99 from Target)

Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is such a fun holiday, and every kid loves waking up to find an Easter basket filled with little treats and goodies. Filling Easter baskets do not have to be expensive, look for candy deals with coupons and sales (drug stores like CVSWalgreens, and Rite Aid usually have the best deals) and you can get many little inexpensive toys and games at the dollar stores.

Set a budget for each child so that you don’t break the bank and focus on personalizing each child’s Easter basket and gearing it towards your child’s interests and likes. In our family, we don’t hunt Easter eggs, but each child gets a basket (or sand bucket, flower pot, beach bag or other fun containers) with candy and other goodies. For our family ,we try to always include something that helps remind our children of the religious meaning of the holiday by including Christian booksmusict-shirts, etc.

T his post was originally created in 2012 but has been dusted off and updated with a few more great Easter basket ideas from our readers as well as a few more that have come to me as my own children have grown and their interests have changed.