Easter Craft Ideas | Easter Egg Dye Coloring and Decoration for Easter Egg Hunt!

🍋 Hello! Welcome back to Miss Lemon Art.
Easter 2021 is right at the corner, I wanna share some lovely Easter decor and craft ideas with you.

Decorating Easter Eggs is always fun and the best DIY craft with your family and friends. Today I’m showing you how to dye the Easter eggs using food colouring and yarn, and adding a bit of drawing and painting as the final decoration. Voila~

Look at those lovely colours, isn’t it lovely? The world maybe not always peaceful but you can make it joyful. I believe we can make the world better through art and share love. Let’s start with making those beautiful Easter eggs with your love one.

Follow my steps, it’s really simple and easy, you definitely can make it. Or if you face any questions, give me a shout at comments, I’ll try my best to help you. 😊
Hope you all stay safe and healthy. Happy Easter in advance!

🥚 Ready for the Easter egg hunt?

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1. Eggs 🥚🥚🥚
2. Dye Food Colouring (Here I Got 4 Colours)
3. Water / Vinegar / Yarn
4. Tissues (a lot!!) / Aluminum Foil
5. Tape / Scissors / Glue / Crayons
6. Flowers / Leaves



00:00 Easter Eggs!
00:18 Dye and Decor Materials
00:45 Dye Food Color Preparing
02:10 Ready to Dye The Easter Eggs
04:20 Special: Flowers & Leaves for Decor the Easter Eggs
08:34 Lovely Easter Craft & Decor!


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