Easter Crafts – Bunny Costume

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Mahalo crafts expert Eva Sowinski shows you how to make an easter bunny mask with rabbit ears.

What You’ll Need

* Mask stencil
* White paper or construction paper
* Black marker
* Scissors
* Glue gun, transparent tape or craft glue
* Small, pink paper circle
* Cotton balls or pom poms

Step 1: The Mask

1. Place your stencil onto a piece of white paper. Use your black marker to trace it.2. Cut out the tracing, cutting on the inside of the lines. Fold the mask in half to cut out the eyeholes. Unfold it and set it aside.3. Cut a long strip from the remaining part of the paper you cut the mask from. For children with smaller heads, one strip should be enough.For everyone else, cut a second strip. Add a small dot of glue (or use tape) to the end of one strip, then overlap the end of the other strip onto the glue. Make sure to let the glue dry before wearing the mask.4. To make sure your mask’s headband will be the right size to fit on your head, wrap the strip around the back of your head towards the front. Both ends should almost reach your eyes. Trim any excess strip.5. Add glue to the left and right sides of the mask. Attach one end of the strip to one side of the mask using the glue. Curve the strip so that the other end reaches the glue on the other side of the mask. You have added a headband to the mask.6. Use the marker to draw six whiskers—straight lines on the front of the mask, drawn below and to the sides of the eyeholes.7. Add glue to the space between the sets of whiskers. Attach the pink circle to the glue, making the nose.8. Because this is not an entire bunny costume, an optional addition to the mask is a tail on the back. Add glue to the back of the mask’s headband, then add cotton balls to the glue.

Step 2: The Ears

1. Cut another piece of paper into one or two strips, whichever amount will make a correctly-fitting headband. Use glue to connect both ends, then place the headband on your head to make sure it fits.2. Cut out two ears, rounded at the tops, using another piece of paper if needed. Cutting them from one folded piece of paper ensures that they come out even. Make sure they are not too long, or else they will flop over.3. Use glue to connect both ears to the inside of your headband.4. Use the marker to draw the inside of the ears.5. Place the mask on your head, then add on the ears.

A Variation

Michaels offers a different style of bunny mask, one that can be held up in front of the face.c

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