Easter DIY. Пасхальная корзинка из фетра за 20 минут. Видео урок

Easter DIY. Пасхальная корзинка из фетра за 20 минут. Видео урок

Easter can be a great time of celebration, a four-day family holiday with fun Easter activities that the whole family can do together. Children would love to learn creative techniques with mum and dad, such as handicrafts. How about trying out some new Easter recipes to impress your friends and family? There are some great ideas for you and your little ones that are sure to take your mind off those chocolates (and maybe your hands) for a while. However, as Easter is approaching, it is best to start planning now.

From Easter crafts to recipes, here are 5 ideas for Easter activities for your family to enjoy:

1. The Easter cards

This is a great activity for kids. If you have friends and relatives from afar, you can send them these cards and keep them alive by framing them or adding them to your junk book. What you need are some colorful cards from the local art store and cut them to postcard size times 2 (as you’ll need to fold them later). Then cut out or make different shapes (egg and animal shapes are some of the kids’ favorites) from different colors of cardboard, paper, or even pieces of cloth. Have your children cut themselves with scissors suitable for children.

2. Make Easter bunny ears

Kids love this simple and fun activity and they love to use them too. All you need is colored cardboard or thick paper and glue. Print and cut out the bunny ears with the white cardboard; then cut out a pair of smaller ears with the pink/blue cardboard/paper. Glue the ears to the white ears so that the pink/blue looks like the inside of the rabbit ears. Cut about 7 cm of white cardboard into a ribbon of the right size that fits around your child’s head. Tack the rabbit ears in place and attach them to the ribbon.

3. Cooking with children

They will be happy to help and keep their hands busy with some of the simple and easy Easter recipes, such as mixing the flour, kneading and rolling the dough, cutting the biscuits in the shape of templates. This will serve as a nice snack for visiting friends and family.

4. Family Easter eggs

How about making Easter eggs in the unique style of your family? Let the children help you mix the ingredients, shape the eggs, and decorate them with sweets. It will certainly keep the whole family busy and be a lot of fun.

5. Have fun with Easter games

When it comes to playing with children, the whole family can also participate and enjoy these different games, such as Easter Bunny etiquette, Easter egg hunt for the little ones, Easter cone party, Easter egg party, and many others.

Приветствую вас, дорогие рукодельницы! Сегодня я предлагаю сделать интересный сувенир к Пасхе – корзинку из фетра. Фетр является идеальным материалом для такого изделия, ведь он прочный и хорошо держит форму. Готовую корзинку можно украсить ленточками, стразами, готовыми украшениями в виде бабочек, божьих коровок и т.д. Подобные сюрпризы вы можете сделать вместе с детьми, а затем подарить близким и знакомым. Экспериментируйте с размером корзинок – маленькая подойдет для одного яйца, а большая для конфет и печенья.

Что понадобится для изготовления корзинки:

– фетр желтого и зеленого цвета
– атласная лента
– шаблон из бумаги
– карандаш
– горячий силиконовый клей
– ножницы
– канцелярский нож