Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt! || Mommy Monday

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt! || Mommy Monday

A rainy day is a great opportunity to take out the craft boxes and spend time with the children making personalized gifts for friends and family. Nothing expresses love like a homemade card or a giant tissue paper flower. Many artists choose tissue paper for their art projects because it is easy to shape and cut into patterns for multiple craft projects.

This art medium is perfect for young children because it is non-toxic, completely safe, and has no sharp corners to cut with delicate fingers. The fabric can be purchased in a variety of colors and sizes. It is recommended to buy a huge package of tissue paper, as there are many craft ideas for which tissue paper can be used.

Tissue paper is popular with children and parents alike because it can be torn or ripped easily, avoiding the need to use scissors for art projects. The colors are bright and the tissue paper is very easy for the little fingers to handle. Among the art projects that children can create with tissue paper are beautiful and colorful flowers made of tissue paper.

These flowers can be given as gifts or tied together to make a chain of colorful and eye-catching tissue paper flowers that can be hung in your room like a bouquet. To make a tissue paper flower, take a piece of paper and carefully wind it into a fan shape. Hold the tissue paper in the center and tie the folded paper with a pipe cleaner, preferably the same color as the tissue paper. Open the tissue paper so that a beautiful flower appears.

Children can use specially made children’s scissors to round off the flower petals before extending the paper fan. Children’s Easter projects involving paper crafts are fun and easy to do. Different colors of paper towels and glue sticks are recommended for this project. To avoid impure dyes, an Easter egg can be decorated with pieces of cloth, which are applied directly to the bowl with craft glue.

Children will have fun taking paper and shredding it into small pieces of confetti while the eggs are boiling in the pot. When the eggs are cooled and dried with a paper towel, children can take glue sticks and rub them on top of the egg and glue different colored pieces of paper to the egg. The surface of the eggs should feel fresh for safety reasons – this is a quick and unique way to decorate Easter eggs for the very important Easter egg hunt!

One of the children’s favorites are piñatas, and a simple version to make a piñata can be made with the help of handkerchiefs. This project requires a simple paper bag filled with various toys and candy and taped to the top, along with six to eight-inch strips of colored paper and a stick and some string. Children can glue the strips of tissue paper onto the paper bag in a bright, colorful pattern and the piñata can be used immediately for a birthday party!

We had such a fun weekend! We finally got the kids’ new car seats installed in the car—which, as you’ll see, was much needed! We had a yummy breakfast for dinner and a nighttime flashlight Easter surprise egg hunt! The kids got a lot of yummy candy in their eggs. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to give us a THUMBS UP!

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