Helping out at MASSIVE Easter Egg hunt!!! LATE VIDEO POST!!

Helping out at MASSIVE Easter Egg hunt!!! LATE VIDEO POST!!

If you need Easter activities for the class, you will find that there are many different activities to choose from. You may want the children to make Easter crafts, but there are also many other educational Easter activities that are suitable for classroom use. Many of them include math, reading, and writing, so learning doesn’t have to stop while the children are having fun at Easter.

Easter puzzle game

Children can participate in preparing this Easter activity for the class. They can start by finding 10-15 Easter puzzles. Once they have found the puzzles, each one is written on a separate card and each answer is written on a separate card. These cards can be used to play a memory game for 2-4 players. The cards are laid out face down on a table. The players take turns turning over two cards and reading both of them. If they have a puzzle and an answer, they can keep the pair and it’s their turn again. The winner is the player with the most pairs when all the cards match.

Easter Egg Shuffle

This is an Easter classroom activity that helps children practice math. For this puzzle, several large egg shapes need to be cut out. On each egg, write down the numbers and signs of a math equation by putting them in random order. Children have to rearrange the numbers and signs on each egg to get a correct equation. They can use it to practice simple addition equations or more complex equations with multiplication or division. If there are 3, 7, x, =, 9, and 2 in an egg, they would be mixed so that 3 x 9 = 27.

The Easter phrase is confused

To create this Easter activity for the class, start with a few Easter phrases. The teacher can write to them or any member of the class can create a phrase. It could be an Easter egg phrase, an Easter rabbit phrase, or something the children could do for Easter. To play the game of prayer marbles, put the words together, and then divide the letters into groups of three, four, or five letters. Children need to recognize what the phrase is and write it down correctly. Here’s one to try.

Find the Easter word

One of the easiest Easter activities for the class is an Easter word search puzzle. Write the words “Easter Bunny” that you want the children to see, and ask them to find as many words as possible using the letters of the Easter Bunny. For example, they could have “Easter,” “tree,” “neat,” etc. The winner will be the person who finds the most words. You can also use words like “chocolate” or “Easter eggs” for this Easter puzzle.

“thec hild renh unte dforth eea stereg gsth atth eeas terbu nnyh adhi den”

The Easter Hangman

The Hangman spelling game can also get an Easter turn using a hare diagram instead of a hangman diagram. Choose a hare diagram with about 10 to 14 parts. Play the game the usual way, using Easter words such as chocolate, candy, flowers, basket, chick, hat, parade, decorate, April, quest, Sunday, tulips, or jelly beans.

As you can see, there are a variety of Easter activities for the classroom to entertain and educate the children during this Easter. This Easter, your Easter activities are not limited to crafts and art. Instead, try your hand at some Easter word puzzles and Easter math puzzles.

This is a late video post, but check us out at this MASSIVE Easter egg hunt!! These kids were running so fast all over the place. Some eggs even had money in them!! I would have been running fast too!! 😂😂

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