10 IDEAS DE DISFRACES PARA HALLOWEEN! DIY de Último Minuto! | Michmoon

10 IDEAS DE DISFRACES PARA HALLOWEEN! DIY de Último Minuto! | Michmoon

Halloween often conjures up images of strange shapes, dark movie characters, and popular animals. However, today, these ordinary figures can be made in more than one way and using a variety of different materials. Here are the eleven most popular variations of the most popular Halloween craft products for children.


You don’t need to buy plastic bats for Halloween decorations. You can simply cut out patterns or two-dimensional bats from construction paper or cardboard. Children’s Halloween bat crafts can also be made creatively with egg cartons or curtain clips.


The days of messy pumpkin carving are over. You can easily have pumpkin paper lanterns as Halloween crafts for children’s projects. If you don’t like flashlights, you can still make pumpkins out of paper plates, milk jugs, and craft paper. Another great alternative would be paper mache pumpkin baskets.


The paper plates and cardboard can be used to make Halloween crafts for the children. Alternatively, you can create a wizard’s look instead of a western wizard by incorporating beaded necklaces and homemade voodoo dolls.


Spiders are one of the most popular Halloween crafts for children. Spiders can be as simple as building paper or cardboard egg cup hangers. They can also be made with pompoms or colored cotton balls.


Vampire masks with fangs can easily be made from paper plates. However, the more imposing and life-size ornamental vampires can be made with black hangers and garbage bags.


UFOs are not your typical Halloween characters, but stories about alien abductions are scary. Making UFOs out of paper plates that can be hung from the ceiling You may also want to add cookies in the form of stereotypical aliens instead of gingerbread men.


Canned worms can be made of brown crepe paper. However, they may feel more disgusting if you use cooked gummy bears and spaghetti.


Like spiders, ghosts can have many variations. You can make Halloween crafts for kids with socks, packing foam, old fabrics, crepe paper, helium-filled balloons, white-painted cups, tissues, and clay.

The Mummy

For a mummified figure, you can wrap the glass with tissue paper or gauze. Cut out some eyes from the craft paper and stick them on the glasses before putting the tissue paper on, so that your eyes are slightly covered and you can only look.


What would Halloween be without black cats? Using paper plates to create cat masks, or some cotton and crepe paper to create wavy streamers.


The most common human skeleton would be made of white or bright color on a black background. However, you can make a good-looking skeleton with different types of paste.

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