DIY Halloween Life HACKS! 9 WEIRD Halloween DIYS + HACKS!

DIY Halloween Life HACKS! 9 WEIRD Halloween DIYS + HACKS!

Boo! Scary creatures and monsters that are supposed to cast out evil spirits make people wear creepy masks and costumes on Halloween. Costumes and accessories can be bought, rented, or handmade.

Halloween night can be celebrated at public events, private parties, and block parties, and in some neighborhoods, children accompanied by adults go to the doors of the neighborhood and knock on the door with a trick-or-treat announcement.

Would you like to make your own costume? Many people find that creating and designing their own costumes adds to the fun of this spooky celebration. Craft skills and talents include sewing, ironing, safety pins, ironing tape, staples, or fabric glue.

The materials you will need to depend on your skills and the purpose of the costume. Suit materials may include cloth, paper, scissors, sewing machine, glue, ruler, pen or pencil, other items, and special tools.

How to make a sexy costume

Open your closet and drawers and see what clothes you can change. A garment can be altered by cutting out unwanted fabrics or sewing certain parts of the garment to highlight or accentuate its sexy or feminine curves.

How to redesign a dress for a sexy look

Cut the neckline to reveal the cleavage. The right push-up bra gives the dress an extra boost.
Cut the neckline into a circle to create a shoulderless finish look.
Create a dress with one shoulder and one arm.
Make a diamond cut at the waist and wear an attractive navy jewel.
Make a one-piece dress in a top and a hip skirt and wear a chain around the naked waist or hip line.
Cut an opening in the skirt to insert a view of the leg. The cut can be lateral or frontal. If the cut is too deep, wear attractive, glamorous shorts.
If you are uncomfortable being “too naked,” buy a cloth nudie suit or wear dancer’s tights.
Wear the same hairstyle or wig. Jewelry, gloves, and 3″ heels complement the glamorous and sexy look.
Create a beautiful face with your personal cosmetic stock. This glamorous costume is for Halloween, so exaggerate your makeup. Use long eyelashes, lots of blush, very light lipstick or, if you want, imitate the makeup of a famous and glamorous celebrity and see the party as her double.
Create a ghostly or flowing costume
She’s wearing a white leotard with ballerina tights. Connect as many white, grey, or dull yellow curtains as your body can fit and form a long, flowing dress. To create a floating effect when walking, wear your dress 2 or 3 inches above the floor.

Fold the fabric in half. Fold the fabric in half again. Place the tape measure in the corner of the folded corner. Mark your measurements on the edge of the dress. Cut the bottom circle and cut a 3-inch circle at the top for the neckline.

Open the fabric, place your head in the smallest cut that forms your neckline, and let the seamless fabric cascade down your body.

If you are unsure of these instructions, make a pattern on a small piece of paper to avoid a big mistake. If the fabric is folded incorrectly, this will result in several cuts that must be sewn. An immediate replacement is a ragged wedding dress. Wear or create a mask of your choice.

A headless costume

Take an old suit and an old shirt or blouse from the closet or take a walk around the attic and look in an old chest.

The man can wear a tie or a bow tie. The woman can wear a scarf or a tie.

You can put the suit and shirt on your head and keep them in place while you wear the suit.

Otherwise, build a support structure from a cardboard box that sits on the wearer’s shoulder. This shape should be able to support the weight of the suit’s shirt and jacket.

The cardboard cutout should be able to sit on the shoulder without problems. If the box is not balanced, add straps that can be tied around the wearer’s back and chest.

The neck part of this costume is worn over the person’s head. Make sure that no hair is visible.

The tie or scarf should be tightened firmly to form the neck part of the headless costume.

The person wearing the costume should be able to see through the shirt or blouse. If not, punch holes in the shirt and use ketchup, red watercolor, food coloring, or ink with a red marker to create blood-like stains. The holes will look like bullet wounds.

Don’t forget to put on your pants and shoes. Details are crucial.

Wear a mask or makeup

Select a mask that represents a sign of your interest. The mask can cover the eye part of your face, 2/3 of your face, or a full mask. The masks you can buy at the party’s department store have a stock of single eye masks, celebrity masks, political masks, monster masks, and other masks.

The masks are made of cloth, plastic, foam, paper, and rubber. If you don’t want to buy a mask, decorate your own mask.

You can make your own mask with materials you have at hand, such as cardboard, cardboard. Or use a daily face cover like a sports helmet, a gas mask is very popular, or a scuba diving mask.

Men may consider removing or adding a mustache, beard, glasses, hat or scarf, removable teeth, a cardboard box; let your imagination run wild. Use something that is unusual for your personality type.

Are you creative and do you love make-up?

A cheap makeup kit for Halloween is fine if you have it handy, but if not, use eyebrow pencils, paint or eye shadow powder and lipstick.

Protect your skin by applying a moisturizer to your face. Use the eyebrow pencil to draw the desired markings and fill in large areas with the color of the eye shadow, blush, or lipstick.

Halloween makeup sets contain most of the colors needed to decorate the face. However, you can also buy black and white facial creams and artificial blood and use personal cosmetic pencils and liners to refine the marks.

Welcome back, guys! In today’s video “DIY Halloween Life HACKS! 9 WEIRD Halloween DIYS and HACKS,” I am going to show you 9 weird Halloween DIYS and Life hacks! Since Halloween is just about a month away, now is the perfect time to start getting ready! So today I will show you how to DIY fake bloody makeup wounds and cuts using hot glue and school glue sticks! How to make spooky Halloween party and room decor, including glow in the dark glitter, a DIY spider coaster, and a DIY blood dripping cup! And of course, can’t forget the DIY fake blood!

I hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope it gets you in the spirit of Halloween! Are you guys excited for Halloween this year as much as I am? LOVE YOU GUYS!

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