DOLLAR TREE SHOP WITH ME! 🎃 Halloween & Costume Jackpot, NEW Finds, DIY Ideas!

DOLLAR TREE SHOP WITH ME! 🎃 Halloween & Costume Jackpot, NEW Finds, DIY Ideas!

Wouldn’t it be great to make some Halloween crafts to turn your house into one of the creepiest haunted houses in town? Your kids would love that idea. All you need is a theme, some accessories, and matching light and sound effects.

Halloween Craft Theme at the Cemetery

Coffins, bones, stone hedges, and corpses are suitable for a cemetery theme.

You can use a cardboard box to make a scary coffin. You can also use a large piece of cardboard and cut the shape of a coffin to open/cover it. Draw a red or white cross on the lid of the coffin.

You can imitate the sound of stepping on a bone mass by drying the bread in the oven and placing it under a mat.

Cut out Styrofoam hedges, paint them gray and write R.I.P. on them with a marker. They can also write their names or the names of their guests to get that creepy feeling.

Make body parts by stuffing rubber/latex gloves with cotton and painting the opening red for this bloody effect.

To add a realistic touch to your home décor, you can fill glasses with blood and display them in the hallways and dining room. This will enhance the vampire in a coffin-like feel. You can buy clear plastic cups and have fun mixing red food coloring. Make the blood thicker by adding cornstarch to the mixture.

A Halloween-themed pumpkin farm Arts & Crafts

You don’t always have to use real pumpkins in a Halloween craft pumpkin. You can also use other items such as green peppers and tangerines and place tea candles on them to create scary faces.

For an old, scary, deserted look, you can put dried leaves in the hallway and on tables. Hang sticks on your porch. Put spiders, rats, and plastic eyes in the mass of dead leaves and sticks.

A scary scarecrow would be another Halloween craft idea you can add to your pumpkin garden. Hang a dusty old shirt on a hanger. Staple the bottom of the shirt and stuff it with hay or dead grass. Use dead branches for your arms. Then wear a witch’s hat for the head covered by the scarecrow. Make a hole in the hat through which the hanger hook can pass. Hang the body over windows, doors, or cabinet handles.

For spider webs, you can use a cotton web that you can spread around. Cotton webs are perfect for any theme you have in mind. You can also use washable paint for your windows – you can use bewitched green everywhere or apply red splashes for “blood”.

Replace your white bulbs with black, orange, or red bulbs for a creepy light effect. You can also cover the bulbs with colored fabrics or mesh to create spooky shadows.

The spooky sounds can be easily downloaded online. Choose from creaking door sounds, howling wolves, screams, and ghosts.

Decorating your home with Halloween crafts is as easy as choosing a theme, adding Halloween basics, changing the lighting, and downloading music online. Just try to be creative and have fun decorating!

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