Halloween Decor Haul | Target Dollar Spot & Dollar Tree

Halloween Decor Haul | Target Dollar Spot & Dollar Tree

The first and most important task in preparing for Halloween is to find places where you can get the costume you’ve always wanted to wear and show it to your friends. Halloween is about wearing the dress that you can’t even imagine on any other day of the year. Of course, you would know this, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article. The best way to get ideas about where to buy costumes or how to make a costume is on the Internet. Like all information, there are tons of Halloween ideas on the Internet. Even if this article doesn’t contain all the ideas for a complete Halloween costume, it will certainly help you get started.

Halloween is all about creating a theme and sticking strictly to the theme. You can also have a regular party where people come in different costumes, but it would be a lot of fun to reserve a theme for Halloween. Halloween is about having fun decorations that make it scary and scary.

Let’s go over some ideas that you can make interesting for Halloween

Idea #1 – Do you have a bush outside your house? Or can you create a bush just for the occasion? If so, you’re about to become the center of attraction in your neighborhood. Make a note of the elements needed for this idea. You’ll need a sheet of white paper the size of the bush, a newspaper, a black permanent magic marker or fabric paint and fabric needles. The idea is to make a ghost figure by painting a ghost on the white paper, folding the white sheet, balancing the sheet with the newspaper, and securing the figure with clothespins. It sounds very easy, but it will definitely scare away the passers-by.

Idea #2 – The other idea for Halloween is to make your house look very festive and very scary inside and out. Let me show you how to find a scary path. You need lots of brown lunch boxes, orange paint, sand, and a votive candle. Paint the orange bags and cut them out to create a scary pumpkin face. Fill half of the pumpkin face with sand, place a candle inside, and light it. If you make a lot of them along the way, it will look really scary.

Idea #3 – You need orange construction paper, white construction paper, pencil, scissors, string, tape, glue, and staples. Draw a ghost on the white construction paper and pumpkin faces on the orange. Make sure it is a freehand drawing to preserve the originality. Also, leave some space at the top of the diagram so you can hang it up and make a garland of ghosts and pumpkin faces. Fold the space and place the string in the fold. Secure the resulting items with staples, glue, and tape. The pumpkin garland would look good with a green string and the ghosts with a black string to create a good contrast. Hang them around the house and the party begins.

Restyling my Halloween porch decor with some Target Dolar Spot finds and a bonus Dollar Tree item!

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Fall Porch Tour 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE7kCDcxK4g&t=16s

The Nightmare Before Christmas House: https://youtu.be/uUsBi7cmvMQ

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