Halloween DIY Hacks From The Dollar Tree

Halloween DIY Hacks From The Dollar Tree

During Halloween, most people decorate their homes with strange decorations inside and out. Each home chooses a haunted house theme, which requires many spooky looking and creepy crafts to create that spooky atmosphere. This can include fake cobwebs, witches, bats, and ghosts, which together create the look of a haunted house. Halloween art and crafts are fairly easy to make, and the necessary materials are available in the house or can be purchased very cheaply at the neighborhood store. Halloween craft decorating projects help the family come together, enjoy each other’s company, and create wonderful crafts together. Here are some crafts that are very easy to do:

This Halloween project works best if you have shrubs in your yard. Use a simple white leaf, depending on the size of the shrubs. Fold the leaf in half and put a newspaper in the fold. Use fabric paint or permanent marker to draw a ghost face on the sheet. The ghost face can be fun or scary, depending on your imagination. You can make a series of these “ghosts. Cover the sheet in the bush and fasten it with clothespins. The ghost in your garden is ready to haunt the garden!

The next Halloween decoration can be used to decorate the outside of the house. You need a simple white cover, like a margarine tub, or the covers can be painted white. You will also need 3 black craft papers cut into circles for eyes and mouth, 2 white garbage bags or shopping bags, 2 white pipe cleaners, scissors, glue, black thread, a puncher, and tape.

Stick the eyes and mouth to the front of the eyelid. Cut off the handles and any writing on the shopping bags. Place them on a flat surface and cut strips 2 inches wide so that about an inch is intact near the seam. Stick a pipe cleaner stuck into the seam. Put the lid on backward. Now fold the pipe cleaner with the seam in the burr around the bottom half of the lid and tape it down. Repeat the procedure with the second pipe cleaner and the bag and insert it into the top half of the lid. Punch a hole in the top of the lid with the punch, pass the black thread through, and knot the ends. Hang these ghosts from the trees so that they float in the breeze. Another fun idea would be to let your kids hold the string and walk around so it looks like a ghost is chasing them.

These are just a few examples of Halloween crafts. However, an Internet search will give you many ideas for making creepy Halloween crafts. All you need is a little imagination and ingenuity to create the scariest decorations in the neighborhood.

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Let’s look at some fun DIY Halloween Hacks! These Halloween DIYs are using products from the Dollar Tree, to make affordable Halloween decor!

What’s your favorite way to decorate for Halloween?

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