Vlog & Outdoor Halloween Decorations Making Ghosts

Vlog & Outdoor Halloween Decorations Making Ghosts

There is no better way to celebrate Halloween than with a spooky costume party. Costume parties are becoming increasingly popular with adults who want to have fun dressing up and letting them alter egos out for a night out. Whether you want to dress up as a creepy clown or a sexy French maid, a Halloween costume party gives you the opportunity to have fun and express yourself.

Planning Tips

To start planning a costume party, you need to set a time, date, and budget, issue invitations, plan a menu and find the decorations for the Halloween party. Try not to start your party too early, as many people like to be at home to hand out treats. Send out invitations at least a few weeks in advance so guests can respond. It is important to know how many people will be attending your party so that you can plan it effectively.

A good way to have a Halloween costume party is to choose a theme. Halloween theme parties are fun, but require additional planning from you and your guests. Some fun themes for costume parties include dressing up as zombies, clowns, vampires, monsters, mummies, or pirates. Choosing a theme for your party makes decorating much easier.

Decorations for the Halloween party

Good Halloween decorations create the perfect creepy atmosphere for your party. Look for fun items like Halloween candles, colored light bulbs, stroboscope lamps, and black light to give your home a Halloween feel. Decorative orange fairy lights can be used to decorate walls and give your home a more festive look.

The ultimate decoration for a Halloween costume party is of course the jack-o’-lantern. Pumpkin lanterns are an essential part of any Halloween celebration. Make a jack-o-lantern that fits the theme of your party. For example, if you are having a vampire party, make a vampire jack-o-lantern. Other items that can be used as a decorative centerpiece at your Halloween party include tombstones, skeletons, and Halloween ice sculptures.

Other Halloween party decorations that can add a festive and scary touch to your Halloween party are tablecloths, dishes, banners, and punch bowls. Make your party punch look like a bowl of blood by placing it in a cauldron. Creepy tablecloths with cobwebs or blood are perfect for covering tables that would otherwise look normal. Banners with “Happy Halloween” written on them enhance the atmosphere of the Halloween party.

Entertainment at the party

Make your Halloween costume party even creepier by playing scary movies in the background throughout the party. Better yet, get a special effects DVD with spooky Halloween scenes that serve as virtual Halloween decorations. Your party guests will probably want to dance. So make sure you have enough suitable music for this spooky season and leave enough space in your living room for your guests to dance. Musical albums that are perfect for playing at Halloween parties include the soundtrack to Return of the Living Dead and everything from Elvira.

Don’t forget to plan some fun and scary games for your party. Ouija boards are always a big hit at Halloween parties, as is the game with apples. You can also turn off the lights, sit in a circle, pass a flashlight, and tell spooky stories. Don’t forget to hold a costume contest and present the winner with a prize. This incentive will encourage your guests to be especially creative with their party costumes.

So there you have it. A Halloween costume party is a fun way to celebrate this spooky holiday. If you want to hang out with your friends, enjoy fun games, and have an excuse to dress up in a crazy costume, consider planning a costume party for the upcoming Halloween.

On Sunday we went to church, Ashley took me to see some pretty trees, I watched Gavin, and we put our ghosts out front. I think they look cool!
Indoor Halloween Decorations 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNT5gcC3rvI