Dollar Tree Easter Spring DIY Container And Flower Arrangement

Dollar Tree Easter Spring DIY Container And Flower Arrangement

Every season and every occasion can be fun and enjoyable, especially if you do art and craft projects with your child. Here are some great ideas you can do for any season and any special occasion.


There are several spring crafts for children you can make. Your decorations can be anything that has to do with spring, such as flowers, trees, rabbits, animals, etc. You can make bugs with the stones by painting them with the color of the bugs. You can also make a terrarium out of cans. Decorate your cans with beautiful designs that can make your terrarium fun and lively.


When you hear the word “summer”, you automatically think of sun and beach. Summer crafts for children, such as colorful windmills made of pencils and papercrafts or shells collected from the beach, are fun and exciting.


Fall or Thanksgiving crafts for children should also be fun and easy. You can make crafts with turkey or pumpkin patterns. You can design invitations for your Thanksgiving party by decorating your card with turkey, pumpkin, or other vegetables. You can be creative and use turkey feathers to decorate or dried leaves to decorate.


Winter and Christmas go hand in hand. You can make winter crafts for children, such as paper crafts like snowmen, penguins, Santa Claus, Christmas trees, etc. You can also make wreaths from different materials such as rolls of tissue paper, paper plates, and scraps of cloth. You can also make a snow globe from used clear glass and some old Christmas decorations and glitter.

In this Dollar Tree Easter Spring DIY Container And Flower Arrangement, I take a piece of foam and flowers from the Dollar Tree and add wooden dowels that I painted to make a Container To make a beautiful flower arrangement and Container for my Easter | Spring decor. I show how easy and inexpensive it is to decorate your home for Easter | Spring with items from the Dollar Tree.

Flowers from the Dollar Tree
3/16 dowels from Walmart cut 4 1/8 inch long or you can use dowels from the Dollar Tree.
Folk Art Coffee Latte paints matte or satin I like satin better to paint the dowels with.
Burlap ribbon from the Dollar Tree.
Jute twine from the Dollar Tree
Foam square block from the Dollar Tree
Glue gun