Rock Church – Thrifty Spring DIY projects

Rock Church – Thrifty Spring DIY projects

Spring is a time of renewal and for many of us a time when we have to clean and tidy our houses. The merging of winter and spring is a great time to bring order to your home after the inevitable chaos of hibernation. But spring cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you do it alone. Simplify and speed up your organizing day by asking your family for help. Don’t you think your children will be involved? Make it a fun event and you’ll have volunteers to enjoy spending the day with.

As with many organizational activities, the key to success is planning ahead. Pick a date when you can spend the whole day working and having fun. Make sure you have the supplies you need, including convenient snacks and drinks. Work in teams of 2 or 3 and then switch after half the day. Don’t forget to choose high-tempo music to keep your energy up and make sure each family member enjoys listening to their favorite CD throughout the day.

Most children have four basic possessions: clothes, toys, books, and school supplies. These things change and accumulate constantly. The change of season is a good opportunity to sort out the surplus that takes up valuable space in your home. To keep your children’s interest at bay during Spring Organization Day, try one or two of the following ideas.

Let’s start by making room in the closets. Tell the children that you are organizing a fashion show and let them try on all the clothes (no, not all at once!). Anything that doesn’t fit will be given to a sibling or packed into a donation box. What doesn’t fit is sorted into suits and stacked in drawers. Have your child make a list of what she needs new clothes for her next shopping trip.

Create a scavenger hunt for younger children by hiding chocolate coins or a suitable incentive under their toys. Send your child on a scavenger hunt as he collects every toy he finds on the hunt. When his basket is full, have him point to the toys in the middle of the living room. Then sort the clutter into the “Keep” and “Split” piles and find a permanent home for the toys that stay there. Separate the remaining toys into separate containers for trash, donations, and garage sale items. Take the time to get these containers to their destination – the last thing you want is for these items to clog up your garage or find their way back to the house!

Then, find all the books and spread them out on the floor, even the parents. Donate as many books as possible to a local daycare center or charity. Throw away broken and damaged books. Make sure caregivers make sure there is enough storage space in your home without causing an unwanted mess.

Children collect a huge amount of school supplies during the school year. Store crafts and various school papers in a large storage box under the bed or in a safe deposit box. Have your child sort the trash at the end of June so that only 25% of the pile is left. Display some special items, either in frames or on a pegboard. Keep the rest in a bag folder decorated by your child. Help your child create a wonderful memory by showing him his favorite moments, his friends, his teachers, and his pictures.

Finally, reward your team at the end of a productive day with dinner at a favorite restaurant. Let them choose the sweetest dessert they can find on the menu. They deserve it! If you are too tired to leave the house, order a pizza and enjoy a good movie. Tell your children how much you have enjoyed spending time with them and congratulate your family on their “spring success”.

SD Living showcases Rock Thrift as a budget-friendly place to shop for spring DIY projects, including several project ideas to get you started.

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