If, like me, you enjoy the creative process, then you know that the area dedicated to your art can easily become confused and messy. Any kind of disorder makes it hard to be imaginative. When disorder and clutter take over, you can find yourself tense, frustrated and without space to work. You may also spend money buying items to replace those you can’t find – you may even stop being creative at all!

Take the time to be green. Clean up in the spring and organize your craft area now. Here are some helpful steps to help you get your craft area in shape:

Collect all your crafts, hobbies, and art objects in the bedroom (or your home). Place them on a table to start the sorting process.
Sort each item according to the type of craft or hobby you do, such as scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, painting, etc.
Refine these piles further. Are there any crafts you no longer like? Place these items and any duplicates in a donation pile. Are there any old or outdated items? Throw away broken tools. Throw away expired paint or other craft items that are no longer usable.
Look through what’s left. Keep donating and throwing away all the useless items until you have only what you really need and will use.
Take out the trash immediately.
Make your next stop at the charity of your choice. Deliver the items you wish to donate. Do this before you continue, otherwise, you will tend to keep everything.
Think about whether you have the right kind of equipment. There is no substitute for a good desk chair. Look for furniture that has drawers, storage compartments, etc. that fit your craft. Carts are useful for crafts. Don’t forget good lighting. Buy new pieces and put them together before continuing.
Clean them up. Dust, vacuum, and clean your area now. Don’t forget the windows. Natural light is better for your eyes and your work.
Organize your supplies. Sort by color and type. Sort fabrics by color and fold them neatly onto pieces of cardboard. Fold the supplies together (paper, stickers, scissors, etc.). Sort the color by medium – oil, acrylic, etc. – and put them together as colors.
Place your items in containers that are easily accessible and clearly visible. Clear containers are ideal for smaller items. Photos etc. can be sorted and placed in labeled boxes (birthdays, holidays, etc.).
Label everything.
Place objects you use often near your work area. Keep less frequently used items at the top or bottom. You should be able to see and find all your tools and materials at a glance.
Make an inventory of the items you have in stock. You can buy more efficiently and avoid duplicates in the future.
Enjoy the fruits of all this hard work now and go out and create something wonderful!

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