GENIUS St.Patricks Day Crafts | Best DIY Video | 1 Minute Crafts

GENIUS St.Patricks Day Crafts | Best DIY Video | 1 Minute Crafts

With a little inspiration, there are many ways to decorate your home for St. Patrick’s Day using simple frames, wreaths, or art on the door. The use of ribbons, laces, sweepers, or thick cords can help create a variety of Irish decorations. Here are some decorating ideas that are worth thinking about:

The Swinging clovers

An instant way to add St. Patrick’s Day charm to your home is to make homemade clovers to hang on the wall. They are easily made from flattened cardboard and cut to replicate the heart-shaped leaves. After painting the clover green, hang the leaves in the house with a string or fishing line.


A good way to get into a festive atmosphere is with Irish-inspired tableware. This can include decorative ceramic plates or tableware with the green, white and orange colors of the national flag. However, make sure the dishes are safe to use and made with food-safe paint.

Decorating the coat

An easy way to add a touch of Irish themed decoration to your home is to buy or make a fireplace decoration that includes a framed clover.

Flower arrangement

A varied green flower arrangement is a good option to prepare the house for the holidays. There are many choices of lush, green plants to create an attractive bouquet. A large selection of flowers with leaves, herbs, and succulents can make a beautiful arrangement. Also, add a few white flowers for the best color balance.

Hang a succulent wreath

A lush, juicy crown is a simple but effective way to bring more greenery into your home for St. Patrick’s Day. They are quite durable and look great when left to decorate the front door.

The Art of Celtic Cliches

A sophisticated work of art that can be created for St. Patrick’s Day is the beautiful Celtic stencils. They can easily be made with watercolor paper, stencils, and watercolor or acrylic paints. Craft paper can also be used to create a matte look. This art is best shown with a glass frame.

Stencils can also be used in other areas of the house. For example, the plain tablecloth can be easily transformed using a stencil with a Celtic pattern. This can be applied to the edge of the tablecloth. The preferred color for this type of stencil design is the color of the fabric.