Flamingo Donut – Summer DIY | Jill

Flamingo Donut – Summer DIY | Jill

The children are out of school, the heat is great, soon the novelty of not having any more school fades away and the children get bored. They can’t stay in the community pool for eight hours a day, so what else can they do?

Summer crafts – redesigning the mailbox

The most important element for this vehicle is the foam, as the foam is water-resistant. This means that you will certainly have to bring it in before a rain, but one or two splashes will not damage it.

You will need scissors, waste paper, tape, colored tape, duct tape, string, double-sided tape, foam, and of course the mailbox!

Use the waste paper as a template for the foam. The ideas that work best for mailboxes are animals and sea creatures. Draw the eyes, fins, ears, nose, each of the “pieces” that will be stuck in the mailbox on the scrap paper (brown paper bags are good for this), draw them on the foam and cut them out. If you are making a dog, create a tongue for the inside of the mailbox as a little extra gift for the postman when he makes his deliveries! For a horse’s mane, pick up the polyester rope and hang it up in the back.

Summer Crafts – Wind Chimes for the Kitchen

This trade is not only musical but also attractive. Use a smaller sieve to pass the fishing wire and hang various metal objects you find in the kitchen. What can you use?

-listen to
-apple cutter
-anything you can find that isn’t dangerous (like a knife)

Add a few glass beads or beautiful clear plastic beads to the monofilament and you have a fun and interesting craft activity that children can do themselves.

The most important things to keep in mind when developing these crafts are the age of the children (their motor skills), their likes and dislikes, the degree of “mess” the craft will create (whether it is done outside or inside) and whether the craft will really be useful inside (both of the above elements can be used and enjoyed).

Summer Arts & Crafts – Precious Stone Rocks

All children love stones. Especially those found in streams and lakes, the big planes, which are shaped like diamonds, triangles, hearts, or ovals. What is needed for this art is stones, aluminum foil, newspaper, colored pencils (the old broken variant), and a potholder.

Once the stones have been selected, they must be baked on a cookie sheet (lined with aluminum foil) in a 225-degree oven for about 15 minutes. Take the stones out of the oven with the oven mitt (they will be very hot!) and put them on the papers. Unroll the old crayons and then draw on the stones. The crayons will melt like liquid magic. Move the crayons for a swirl effect and you will have your precious stones!

Summer crafts are a fun and constructive way to spend a day with the kids and at the same time create beautiful projects they can be proud of all year long.