8 CHRISTMAS & WINTER DIY Projects [Simple crafts and ideas]

8 CHRISTMAS & WINTER DIY Projects [Simple crafts and ideas]

Everyone loves the winter holiday season, and there’s nothing better than displaying art and craft projects in the classroom during this happy time of year. From winter scenes to snowflakes and snowmen, there are many ways to decorate your classroom. Your students will enjoy it and it will help you get in the mood for the holidays, too. Let your students help out by assigning one or both of their art and craft projects for the holidays.


Snowflakes are one of the wonders of the world. No two are alike and they simply seem to bring the joy of the season with them when they start to fall. Get your students’ help for this project, because making snowflakes is easy and anyone can do it. Also, making snowflakes doesn’t take long and is inexpensive with the normal teaching materials you can safely have around you. For this reason, it’s a great way to get students involved. All you need are sheets of white paper, preferably a little heavier than copy paper but not as heavy as construction paper, and age-appropriate scissors. The kids cut the designs on the paper just about the way they want. Tip: It’s always helpful to put a picture on the board so they have a general idea of what they are doing. Then all you need to do is tie a string and hang it from the ceiling. If the paper is thin, you should probably tie two ropes together to prevent the snowflakes from twisting. Don’t worry if someone’s messed up. If you hang a lot of ropes, no one will notice one or two that don’t look good.

Custom Glass Ornaments

This is a holiday arts and crafts project that your students are sure to fall in love with. It’s the perfect project for young and old students alike. It may take a little longer to make these decorations, but eventually, your students will look back and see that they had a great time. Not to mention the fact that students can take their ornament home for a family member.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– Solid frosted or clear glass ornaments
– Different colored pencils that work on glass surfaces
– Assorted cups
– Ribbon in a variety of colors

Step 1: cover the work area to avoid clutter.

Step 2: Prepare all the materials so that your students can decide which colors to use, and at the same time make a draft.

Step 3: Have each student put his or her ornament in a cup. This gives them the opportunity to work on the ornament without it moving around their desk. Then paint it in all the colors they want, although you should probably direct them towards the normal holiday colors.

Tip: Don’t turn the ornament until the paint is completely dry, even if you have to extend this project for two days.

Step 4: Once the ornament is decorated and the paint has dried, the project is complete. You can hang the decorations in your classroom or let the students take them home.

As you can see, some holiday craft projects are more messy and elaborate than others. However, they can be a lot of fun and at the same time make it easier to decorate your classroom for the holiday season.

CHRISTMAS & WINTER DIY Projects [Simple crafts and ideas]