DIY Snowman Pop Up Card – Winter crafts for kids

DIY Snowman Pop Up Card – Winter crafts for kids

Weddings can bring out the child in all of us when we plan, dream, and decorate. If you are planning a wedding involving children, you may want to involve them in wedding-related arts and crafts. Here’s a list to get you started:

1. Cut and fold

*Origami: Children of all ages and skill levels can enjoy making folded paper objects. Origami of all kinds produces elegant products that you may even want to display or give away at your wedding. Think of boxes, swans, and cranes.
*Snowflakes and confetti: Involve children in decorating by allowing them to cut snowflakes for a winter wedding or colorful confetti for invitation envelopes.
*Paper dolls and chains: Paper dolls or decorative chains can make unique decorations for the wedding or fun crafts for children at the reception.

2. All that glitters

* Wire and Jewelry Wrapping: Have the children make sculptures, mobiles, or jewelry with fine wire jewelry in silver, bronze, or jewelry colors.
Beads: Have children help by giving them beads and wire or string. You can make necklaces, key chains, rings, and bracelets with glass or metal beads.

3. Flowers

*Dry clay roses: Sculpey or other handmade clay comes in a wide range of colors and can be rolled into petals and stems.
*Potpourri: Dried petals can be combined into bowls or bags for decoration or wedding gifts.
*Marzipan: Similar to clay flowers, marzipan can be rolled up and formed into intricate floral designs, but these flowers are edible and delicious!
*Flower press: Make small flower presses from cardboard, waxed paper and nuts, and bolts and give them to the children at their wedding. You can use them to press some of the flowers from the wedding and keep them as a souvenir or give them to the bride and groom.

4. Fun with words and cards

*Calligraphy: Let the older children participate in planning the wedding by teaching them the art of calligraphy. You can help design the invitations and thank you cards, and assemble fancy boxes and gifts for the wedding presents. With glitter, confetti, stamps, and ink, you can have even more fun with the invitations.

5. Butcher paper and markers

*Make a card for the bride and groom: For a casual or intimate wedding or one where there will be many children present, you may want to place long strips of butcher paper or find huge greeting cards for the children to decorate with markers. Adults can leave messages and congratulations on the future of the bride and groom.

Children can participate in the planning and execution of the wedding in many ways. Of course, they can be florists and ring bearers, but they can also help in the creation and design of the decoration, help guests to their seats at the wedding or reception and even be part of the reception line. Integrating children into the ceremony and reception can be a way to make children from mixed families feel like an integral part of the new family. In large family weddings, activities for children can help keep them busy and happy so that adults can also enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

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